PETA Releases ‘Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals’ Videogame

PETA has released a downloadable videogame parody of the Cooking Mama series usually found on Nintendo game consoles. The game includes such family friendly activities as plucking feathers and removing the internal organs from a dead turkey.

Not to spoil the ending, but after preparing the whole bloody Thanksgiving dinner from slaughter to oven, Mama has a change of heart and opts for a Tofurkey instead.[social_buttons]

“We’re having a bit of fun at Mama’s expense, but there’s nothing funny about the suffering endured by turkeys and other animals who are killed for food,” said PETA’s Joel Bartlett. “With all the delicious vegan alternatives available, there’s no need to make the carcass of a tormented bird the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table.”

Agree or disagree with PETA’s message, you’ve got to admit that this is a well-executed campaign. Hell, the graphics and controls might even be better than the first Cooking Mama Wii. To check it out in all its gory glory, visit the game’s site.

Image Credit: PETA

56 thoughts on “PETA Releases ‘Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals’ Videogame”

  1. peta still sucks

    Let’s face it, these crazy peta dweebs should know better than to release dumb propaganda-riddled “games” like this Cooking Mama ripoff, Stupid Tofu Boy (=Super Meat Boy ripoff) and Tanooki Kills Mario!
    People Eating Tasty Animals: Useless bimbos for animals since 1980

  2. peta still sucks

    At least turkeys don’t brainwash people into going naked for their cause against their will, unlike Psychopathic Evil Thugs for Animals.

  3. LOL such a awsome game, its a shame about the turkeys though i mean how would we like it?, although we need to eat…. and eles the population of the turkeys might rise and then we might end up having a turkey as our king and they run the whole world….i would’nt mind them eating the goverment….:L
    anyway…… hmm now i gota think.. xD

  4. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!! All the delicious turkey meat slathered in creaming gravy with a dash of salt and pepper. MMmmmmmm soooooooooo GOOD! My favorite holiday meal! You poor Peta people are missing out. Have fun with your garden burgers and tofu stuffing!

    You NEED MEAT in your diet! Many veg heads have health problems because of the lack of iron in their system from NOT eating meat. What’s that? Take iron pills you say? Why ingest a chemical compound smashed together by machines? Boy…that sounds healthy now doesn’t it? Humans have been eating meat since the dawn of time. Let’s accept life for what it is ok? You guys support the life of animals and are against humans eating them…well what do you think of the animals that kill and eat one another?

    I’m just saying. Gobble gobble!!

  5. Ridiculous game! Grow up, PETA.

    I’ve been in food processing plants and one thing that should be noted is that improper or torturous treatment of animals is ALREADY ILLEGAL!

    Think about it, you want safe food, right? Well companies have it in their best interest to offer safe food, otherwise they go out of business. If a company mishandles livestock, or chickens, or dairy cows or whatever, it can make people sick. I don’t know of any food processors who are in the business to spread disease.

  6. i hopee the mama gets angry wat the hell those she think shes doing killing her self or wat i no she is killing anmals but shes a fried chicken man fer outwat a

  7. wow..some people are so hostile! Vegans/vegetarians do not think they are better/above/superior to anyone else. Most people have no idea how the meat gets from the “farm” to their table-it is not “grown” in styrofoam packages wrapped in plastic. PLEASE rean US Today, The New York Times, or the Associated Press to see what REALLY happens onturkey/chicken processing plants-you WOULD NOT look at that package the same any more. Even Oprah had a show on about conventional farming vs. organic farming. informed before you spew anger.

  8. People Eating Tasty Animals

    Yeah, this is how PeTA prioritizes it’s use of resources – spent them on flash-webgames to push a games publisher to make a vegetarian version of a game, instead of using the money to actually prove the point that livestock handling in many places is cruel and criminally careless to the point of torture. Oh wait, they already spent that money executing dogs and cats “saved” from animal shelters. Assholes.

  9. peta has too much time on their hands this is ridiculous its a fuckin game grow up u fukcin ninnys no animals r being hurt at all its a game, dont get me wrong animal rights is a good issue that needs ppl to fight for them but this is retarded spend your resouces in a better way instead of saving digital animals do what your supossed to do and save real animals

  10. Not everyone shares your ultra-vegan point of view, or thinks that eating anything that has to do with an animal is bloody slaughter.

  11. That is a horrifying piece of seriously biased, irresponsible garbage. PETA should put their money and efforts toward activities that accomplish the goals of their organization without alienating or angering people that are not on the lunatic fringe. What a bunch of nuts.

  12. I loved it(until she sold out and started cooking that tofu junk), I think I’m getting good at it too. I’m gonna mail PeTA and ask if you can add online multilayer and a leaders board!! WHO’s WITH ME!!!!

  13. all of the nasty comments about PETA are so pathetic;
    PETA does not force anybody to watch that video game, which is located in their website.
    it shows for those who care to know what they stands for and what they belive in and they do it in such a gentle way, using cartoons images.
    and while it is true that some animals eat other animals, what they don’t do is commercially raising them in unbearble conditions, torturing them from the day they were born until the day they are slaughtered, while poluting our planet in the process.

  14. We didn’t evolve through 200,000+ years by being “nice” to other animals. No animals do. Peta thinks we have a “responsiblity” to be “humane” to livestock? Your propaganda video makes me want to eat turkey even more. Go hug a tree, hippies!

  15. PETA can go f*** off

    I’m all for their fight against animal abuse and such, but they continue to step over the line and try to make us feel guilty for eating meat.

  16. So, let’s see. PETA, not the Tasty Animals version, does not like animal cruelty. So in protest, they make and release a videogame where the object is animal cruelty, in all its gory glory.
    Judging by their other protests, say shrink wrapping models to analogize packed meat, I’d say there’s some seriously fucked up hypocrisy going on here, and no one’s calling bullshit loud enough.

    1. peta still sucks

      Let’s face it, these crazy peta dweebs should know better than to release dumb propaganda-riddled “games” like this Cooking Mama ripoff, Stupid Tofu Boy (=Super Meat Boy ripoff) and Tanooki Kills Mario!
      People Eating Tasty Animals: Useless bimbos for animals since 1980

  17. I don’t what kind of target they were trying to reach with that game, but if it was gamers, they should know that most gamers don’t mind some blood… So I didn’t found it a big deal (chopping a turkey’s head off? pff, done that with human ones). Anyway, I do know that we have to kill animals if we want to eat them, so I guess the point (for me) is not to stop eating but eating them responsibly (i.e don’t eating a whole turkey every day, eat some veggie meal some days a week)!

  18. This was so lame. Anyone who has prepared a whole chicken will not find this game offensive. I love how PETA thinks they can gross people out. Only these hipsters that eat at TacoBell after their drunk binges and have never prepared their own meals might find this game “gross”.

    Gravy is usually from boiling a carcass anyways, not whatever that stupid game said, and how is stuffing supposed to be gross?

    The make a hamburger patty game would probably be more gross. What lame PETA attempts at trying to influence people. ANyone who donates to PETA just got punk’d and ripped off.

  19. At least we’re not wasting our animals… damn PETA overlooking the millions of rodents killed by farm equipment… and WHAT ABOUT THE PLANTS?!?!? I eat as many animals as I can because we need plants to absorb the CO2

  20. You know, I can’t feel too bad for chickens or turkeys. If birds evolved from dinosaurs I doubt we’d be treated much nicer by them.

  21. Whatever get’s people the message of what’s really going on.

    Watch as people cry I hate peta for no other reason then it makes them feel guilty about what they’re doing by extension.

    I don’t seen any harm in what they’re doing at least they’re not blowing up building like those crazy Christian against abortions.

  22. seriously I hope the game company that makes cooking mama slaps them with a suit. Peta it is not your place to make us feel bad for doing what are bodies are made for. Humans have canine teeth for ripping meat the same as a carnivore, and flat teeth for grinding vegetation like herbivores, so that would make us Omnivores, we need both meat and vegetables to be healthy.

  23. This mob may actually give Scientology a run for biggest whackjobs.

    I wonder if they’d respect my feelings if I throw green paint on them and start claiming that plants were born free?

  24. PETA never really thought through it’s whole pholosophy. What happens to these animals if people stop eating them, they’re no longer able to live wild, and even if they could, they’d just end up being eaten by another animal. Ever gone into the woods and seen an old rabbit? Why is it so immoral to eat animals when nature requires that one living creature eats another to survive. This concept that people are somehow above this natural process is flawed.

  25. You know, I’ve killed many animals, and eaten them all, and I can tell you that it is NEVER that bloody. Once the heart stops beating, the carcass stops bleeding…
    How would Vegans know what it is like to cook a Turkey Dinner anyways? Do they have “Lets go actually experience what we are fighting against” days?

  26. I propose a Chick’n Pluck’n contest. Contestants would compete to clock the fastest time, pluck’n a chicken.
    As the inspiration of chicken pluck’n as a mass media game. As the Org that has brought the pastime of Chick’n Pluck’n as a sport, to a mass audience, for the first time… Perhaps PETA would like to sponsor…
    Oh wait, they already have a Chick’n Pluck’n contest in Spring Hill FL. Well, at least PETA’s efforts will help get Chick’n Pluck’n the recognition it deserves as a popular sport!

  27. What a bunch of crazy hippies. This thanksgiving I’ll eat a extra piece of turkey just for you peta. Then, after im done stuffing myself with meat I think i’ll go deer hunting, or maybe pheasants. Wanna come along? I’ll probably need some help dragging them back to the road. So many animals, so little time.

  28. I want the alternate ending where I get to eat the yummy turkey after all the hard work of cleaning my kill. Seriously, all of this stuff is just a part of life. PETA is just a bunch of over emotional windbags.

  29. PETA is by far the worst idea in human history. Yeah, lets not eat our main source of food and limit ourselves to crappy foods that don’t provide the proper nutrients and such. That’s definitely an awesome idea. And oh yeah.. ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE TOO!! Oh, wait, not their not.. they were selected NATURALLY to be below humans in the food chain. That’s the way that nature intended it to be, and there’s no reason why we should go around preaching bullshit messages to fuck it up. Animals eat other animals every single mother fucking day and no one is out there telling them that it’s wrong. Wanna know why? Because they can’t fucking understand!! THEY ARE ANIMALS. Get over yourself PETA and find some sort of worthwhile way to contribute your time instead of telling everyone how to live their lives.

  30. I think your game “cooking mama” is absolutely deeply irresponsible and shocking for youngest and sensible people……..

    Such parody can’t be understood by everyone !

    Deeply shocked Akwa

  31. “…after preparing the whole bloody Thanksgiving dinner from slaughter to oven, Mama has a change of heart and opts for a Tofurkey instead.”

    You’d think after killing an animal, the LEAST you can do is eat it. Otherwise it’s wasteful, and completely pointless. Shame on you PETA

  32. Oh my god that game was amazing…up until the part when she decides to make the tofurky, I decided to stop playing when it got lame.

      1. peta still sucks

        At least turkeys don’t brainwash people into going naked for their cause against their will, unlike Psychopathic Evil Thugs for Animals.

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