PETA One-Ups Burger King, Releases Gore-Scented Body Spray

After last week’s flame-broiled blatant marketing ploy by Burger King, PETA has come up with their own: a meat-scented perfume that smells like rotting flesh. PETA clearly saw the success of Burger King’s campaign and wanted in on the action.

“Most cows killed for fast-food burgers are castrated and branded without any painkillers, fed a diet of hormones and antibiotics, and often transported to slaughter without food or water in all weather extremes,” reads the PETA press release. “At slaughterhouses, they are strung up by one hind leg before their throats are cut and their skin is pulled from their bodies–sometimes while they are still conscious.”

If the package doesn’t turn your stomach, the scent might do the trick. PETA suggests the spray as a holiday gift, but considering that Christmas is only a few days away, don’t expect to wake up to the smell of flesh under the tree.

The meat and dairy industries is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation industry worldwide. Let’s hope the aeresol spray can doesn’t contain CFL’s!

Image courtesy of PETA

46 thoughts on “PETA One-Ups Burger King, Releases Gore-Scented Body Spray”

  1. Hey, see the link saying ‘image courtesy of Peta’? Click there, read and don’t open your mouth to talk about what’s probably not your call, since you are talking without knowledge about the subject.

  2. Cows being castrated is just an expression and there weren’t use any animal byproducts to produce this frangrance. It is only to boyocott BK’s, not a real matter of action.
    Then, who is really the immature here? Now the ignorancy and stupidity is showing.

    P.s.: Think before you say something, idiots.

  3. So, Stevo, are you saying that since I am more fit than you because I have better eyesight and a bigger gun that I can kill you and eat you?

  4. it is survival of the fittest… all you peta apologists tell me why around the world people eat pigs, chickens, goats, and cows but no one eats a goddamn tiger or elephant or dolphin? survival advantage, natural selection. you can raise for food those animals which are stupid enough to be domesticated for mass production.

  5. Dude screw PETA. I am so tired of their bullshit. Ok make your point but don’t bludgeon us over the head telling us how horrible we are for enjoying meat. Fuck that shit. eat your tofurkey, I will eat meat animals eat meat and they are not humane about what they kill. You idiots realize that animals will eat their young? You’d have a better message if you weren’t so goddamn blunt about it. You wanna bitch about these fuckers suffering take a look at how sentient they are. You think these animals were just recently domesticated? try for thousands of years morons, its evolutionary… one species exploiting the other for its gains. idiots.

  6. once again, many animal eaters here defend their right to eat meat, but none reffer to the suffering these poor creatures have to go through before being turned into a meal. and the slaughter part is just the end of that rope, the issue here is that these animals suffer from the day they were born. while i am leaving aside the debate if we as humans are the only creatures who deserve to live without being eaten by another creture, i want to know why is this that a prolong continuous suffering should be a part of today’s meat industry.

  7. This is the perfect response to that ridiculous meat cologne. It’s clear most of the people leaving the comments above have no sense of humor.

  8. Yes, they’re all pawns. Or perhaps if they were suspicious like you, they chose to click the link at the bottom saying “Image courtesy of PETA”…

  9. Like I always say, I think PETA comes off as not serious about what they stand for when it comes down to the stupid stunts like these and it does hinder the message. They either need to find something else to do or get real/serious ads out if they truly want to make a difference and not make themselves look like a highschool joker group like they too often do.

  10. William,

    The Center for Consumer Freedom is a front for lobbyists from the meat, fast food, and tobacco industries. This is well documented. While you have every right to disagree with PETA, don’t believe a word that comes from CCF. They’re simply defending their products and masking it as consumer advocacy.


  11. So, this stuff smells like Al Gore? I always thought The Goracle would smell like rotting flesh.

    And by the way, Clay, yes I do know what I am talking about. Click on this link and educate yourself

  12. its funny to see all of you people bashing peta or any animal rights activists, and knowing that you have no idea what your even talking about. why dont all of you do some actual reading and research before you open your big cave man mouths. On second thought, please dont read, the more you eat the growth hormone laced steroid meat the less chance there will be for you to reproduce and have ignorant children of your own.

  13. Here’s a question for you: have you considered that maybe PETA DIDN’T USE actual animal byproducts in the making of this? There’s more than one way to get the smell of rotting flesh. A lot of you guys are just jumping onto the anti-PETA bandwagon, no matter how justified their current action is. If PETA chooses to release this in RESPONSE to burger king’s then I applaud them for this cleverness. It truly shows that they are evolving in tact and appealing in ways that show social consciousness.

  14. Cows can’t be castrated, they’re female, Bulls can be castrated then become steers, which in turn are brought to feedlots. Go Peta, keep the stupidity alive.

  15. Hey retard, it’s Peta not “PITA”. Now your ignorance is showing.

    We don’t have to eat meat, so why do we? It actually causes more harm to your body than smoking.

  16. Will, are you serious? If you are not, you have to be the dumbest person I have ever heard of. It’s a mock advertisement bonehead.

  17. PETA is one of the worst organizations ever. All of their actions remind me of the toddler throwing a fit on the floor of store because mommy won’t buy him the toy he wants. All I can say is, “Grow up PETA, and stop acting so immature.”

  18. PITA’s ignorance is showing.

    Pscyo extremists. If you don’t like my dinner you don’t have to eat, just don’t tell me what to eat you self-righteous pricks.

    Cows are cute, and they taste good too.

    PITA euthanize more animals then they save. Look it up you will be surprised.

  19. PETA has really just become a pathetic excuse for an animal rights org. over the past decade. Their tactics do nothing to promote their cause and only end up hurting them. I used to be a supporter back in the day but these days I wouldn’t give this charity case a penny.

  20. peta(People Eating Tasty Animals) whats up with this spray, peta is stupid, hmmm lets make a spray from animal parts even though they don’t want the animals killed, make sense right…

  21. They are cows, we are predators, who the hell cares. Quit whining about your intimacy issues and find something that’s actually important to care about. Because no matter how much you try to save the animals, they’re never REALLY gonna love you back.

  22. Wow.
    I was going skip lunch today but after I saw this I’ll definitely make sure to take subway all the way down to Herald Square just to have BK’s *NEW* ‘Shroom ‘n’ Swiss…KING SIZED mind you.
    I LOOOOVVEE having it my way.

    I’ll probably get a few Whopper Jr.s after tonights Ranger game while I’m down there too.

    See ya there.

  23. your ignorance is showing–

    You say, “Let’s hope the aeresol [sic] spray can doesn’t contain CFL’s!”

    You are confusing your eco-terminology: CFLs (Compact fluorescent lamps or lights) with CFC (chlorofluorocarbons).

  24. Thanks for the blog! We assure you that the fragrance will be purely artificial (though entirely realistic) and that the maggot inside won’t be real. Hopefully Burger King rethinks their disgusting fragrance when they see ours!

  25. PETA are messed up. Theyre causining more damage to thier cause than they are helping it. They are basically just undermining other organisatuons with similar goals but less extreme ways of going about it.

  26. Typical PETA hypocrisy. What isn’t publicized about PETA is they actually own an industrial size meat locker to house all the cats and dogs that they kill by justifying that they were lost causes anyway. PETA is just another pathetic excuse for “cause” and their members are equally revolting. Its human nature to eat meat as it is a hard wired primate instinct. I have my canines for a reason. There should be changes to the meat industry but not by PETA’s standards.

  27. Ha… PETA, the group is exactly like Michael Moore. Any valid point they make is over-shadowed by their ridiculous schemes.

    Keep it up PETA, I like being entertained.

  28. PETA needs to be shut down, they take animal activism way too far. They aren’t activists, they’re radicals. I’m tired of hearing about their ridiculous stunts, even though this one isn’t as bad as others.

  29. That’s the filth over at PETA for you. Americans don’t have to waste their breath mocking PETA; PETA will make a mockery of themselves any chance that they can get or create. LOL

  30. What the ****? isn’t PETA against the killing of animals and they are selling “gore” perfume? thats freakin’ messed up.

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