Penguin Swims 2,000 Miles from Antarctica to New Zealand {VIDEOS}

Screenshot of one of the videos below (while penguin shaking itself on New Zealand beach).

An emperor penguin took a wrong turn and ended up swimming 2,000 miles from Antarctica to New Zealand. This is the first time in 40 years such a penguin has traveled to New Zealand.

Landing on such a foreign beach in not the best of conditions, the penguin was quite stranded and hopeless. Left there, it would clearly die. The penguin even started eating sand (as it would snow).

Vets have been trying to flush all the sand out of the penguin’s stomach, as it is drying out and essentially forming concrete, and they have been taking good care of it. But it’s future still seems to be uncertain.

If all goes well, the penguin will go back to Antarctica with an expedition headed there in February.

Here are some videos of the penguin with a little more information (the first from today, the second from yesterday, and the third from Tuesday):

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