Paul McCartney Calls on Pamela Anderson to Help Tackle Global Warming

Music legend Sir Paul McCartney is seeking to enlist the help of an unlikely candidate in the battle to solve climate change, ex-baywatch starlet Pamela Anderson.

Apparently, his royal beatleness made the plea in a direct two page letter to Anderson, following her ongoing loyal support of animal rights group PETA. McCartney, a staunch advocate of vegetarianism for more than thirty years, was spurred on by a growing awareness that reduced meat consumption or vegetarianism is the “single most effective” way to tackle global warming.

Macca’s letter stresses that a reduction in meat consumption would also help stabilise food prices on the global food market, but goes on to say that “Unfortunately, with higher incomes, societies, even in the developing countries, are turning to greater and greater consumption of animal proteins, which reduces the availability of food grains for direct consumption by impoverished human beings.”

Personally, I wouldn’t want to place responsibility for the future of mankind solely in the peroxide ones hands, but any publicity is good publicity right?

Image Credit – Slagheap on Flickr (Hmm… not sure what he’s eating there though, maybe this predates his herbivorous conversion?)

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