Pasties, G-String and Skirt, All Made from Hemp: Meet The "Pastie Lady"

hemp-lady.jpgIf you’ve read any of my submissions about hemp, you know I’m a staunch supporter of legalizing industrial hemp in this country.

It has many uses, but I’d never thought of decorative until seeing the story about the “Pastie Lady”. You want to publicize hemp and other natural resources, take a cue from 32 year old Jennifer Moss of Ojai, California.

That’s her on the left, decked out in a g-string, skirt and pasties, all made of hemp. Now, who could turn down a better reason for letting our farmers grow hemp, and establishing an infrastructure to produce such interesting clothing items?

Jennifer is a native of a small town near Corvallis, Oregon, but sought out a more eclectic, forward thinking place to live, like Southern California. She finally chose Ojai, and has been causing a stir ever since.

She’s been arrested twice and ticketed several times while bicycling down Ojai’s main street with a small trailer containing earth-friendly signs and a smiley-face pillow. She used that to do a head stand and kick her legs in the air one day. She received a lot of attention.

Jennifer also celebrated Easter Sunday by showing up at a Catholic church while parishoners were leaving the sanctuary. She admits it was poor judgement, but felt it necessary to send a message that there are many bad people who are destroying the Earth, and yet many of them go to church.

It’s said that before moving to Ojai, she entertained parade goers in Ventura, California during the Fourth of July parade in 2007. By-standers were shocked to see Jennifer zipping past on in-line skates, wearing only suntan oil.

She’s quoted in the article as saying:

“Nudity is natural, but a lot of people are uncomfortable with it,” she said. “It’s OK for children to play video games where they are killing each other, and it’s patriotic to murder people in a war. But women’s breasts in public? You better watch out!”

Pasties, in case you don’t know, are used to cover the nipples on a woman’s breasts. Somehow, you can show naked large or small breasts, but the nipples must be covered. What’s wrong with nipples? After all, nearly all of us have dined there in our earliest days.

Well, I for one hope Jennifer, known in town as the Pastie Lady, remains safe as she parades her causes in Ojai, and think I’ll start a petition drive to legalize industrial hemp.

Hey, it’s gotta start somewhere.


3 thoughts on “Pasties, G-String and Skirt, All Made from Hemp: Meet The "Pastie Lady"”

  1. The Marijuana Policy Project will be holding a star-studded event at the Playboy Mansion in L.A. on June 12 β€” Somebody send this girl a ticket to the party!!!

  2. Kendra Holliday

    GOOOO Pastie Lady! Some might think she is a freak, but I think she’s light years ahead of the rest of us. Just wish she didn’t have to wear pasties. Pasties are one of my pet peeves. There is nothing wrong with female nipples!!!

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