PACT Underwear Now Helping Everyday Heroes

I did a post on PACT underwear’s “Beyond Coal” underwear line and activism back in April. Now, the company has a new announcement out that I thought was worth sharing.

PACT, if you missed our previous article and are not familiar with the company, is an underwear brand that “combines design and sustainability with support for social and environmental causes.”

PACT Everyday Hero Program

Its new Everyday Hero program provides teachers, non-profit employees, and certified B Corporation employees with 50% lifetime discounts.

“PACT believes there’s no better way to show appreciation for those who serve the greater good than by making it easier for them to buy beautifully designed, responsibly manufactured, premium clothing that, like our Everyday Heroes, does good for people and the planet,” the company wrote in an email to me.

“We built PACT on the idea that every choice you make is an opportunity to express your values,” said Jason Kibbey, CEO of PACT. “For many people, the ability to do what they believe in trumps the size of their paycheck, and we want to give back to these Everyday Heroes by making sure they’re feeling good and looking good while they’re out there doing good.”

How to Become a PACT Everyday Hero Member

You can join the PACT Everyday Hero program over at

Just let PACT know about the good work you do and you will receive personal login that you can used to make purchases on the company website,

If you join and then refer your friends, you can receive additional benefits (yes, of course, PACT wants more people to wear its socially and environmentally responsible underwear, and you can help spread the word).

The company is looking to add more options to its underwear lineup in August. Check in now and check back in August for some new options.

Sierra Club Teams Up With PACT

Ever heard of the Sierra Club? Probably. Well, the Sierra Club thinks PACT is so cool that it has officially teamed up with the company.

“The Sierra Club partnered with PACT because of their commitment to supporting social and environmental causes,” said Kristina Johnson, Communications Manager at the Sierra Club and Everyday Hero program member. “Being recognized by a company in this way reminds everyone at the Sierra Club that the work we do is really appreciated.”

A Little More about PACT

Still want to learn more? Here’s a tad more on PACT from the company:

  • The apparel company was launched in 2009 by Jason Kibbey and Jeff Denby.
  • PACT creates partnerships with nonprofits and donates a portion of each underwear purchase to support these organizations’ work.
  • PACT underwear is made of responsibly grown and manufactured organic cotton, transported in zero-waste packaging and delivered with a minimized carbon footprint, demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to style, sustainability and social consciousness.
  • Visit their site.

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