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Here are some more top images and stories on the Occupy Wall Street movement (from the past day or so).

“This bank is run by crooks,” I shouted. (separate from image below, but related..)

close bank of america account

The Propaganda Posters of the 1% (images below)

one percent propaganda

one percent posters

  1. OWS Spurs “Largest Mobilization of Pro-Bono Lawyers” in 40 years.
  2. The Inevitable Has Happened: Occupy Foreclosures.
  3. Citizens United Going Down? Democrats Introduce Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Ruling.
  4. Occupy Tulsa pepper sprayed for failure to keep off the grass.
  5. Occupy London arrests in front of Parliament.
  6. Buffalo Common Council supports Occupy movement.
  7. Occupy Brooklyn holds march against NYPD’s ‘stop and frisk’.
  8. Street Medic Primer: Basic CPR & the Recovery Position.
  9. New York City Chapter: Veterans of the 99% Call to Action.
  10. Occupy Big Food.

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