Ready for Season 2? Over 1 Million Watched Whale Wars Finale

The December 19th season finale of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars drew a 0.8 Nielsen Media Research household rating with 1.01 million viewers.


The show performed better among adults ages 25 to 54 than any show in the network’s history. An average of 529,000 adults in the age group tuned into the season premiere, probably due to their extensive advertising campaign during the election.

“Whale Wars is the latest example of Animal Planets new brand positioning which is bringing the network a new and larger audience,” said Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager of Animal Planet Media, in a statement.

Who would have guessed that a direct-action animal rights group become the network’s bastion of widespread audience appeal? Regardless, Sea Shepherd has surely reaped the benefits and after decades of work, they are finally getting the publicity they deserve.

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Photo courtesey of Animal Planet.

3 thoughts on “Ready for Season 2? Over 1 Million Watched Whale Wars Finale”

  1. I am an animal lover and I believe in fighting to save the life of all the whales. I salute Paul Watson and his crew. I know who would be a good candidate in helping to save the whales,Steve Irwin wife.More money needs to be raised for this tramendus cause. The American goverment always have some (pork)on every bill they pass,why not have an (earmark) too save the whales,if all americain animal lovers would join hands,millions could be raise to save the killings of these beutiful mamels that God greated.I would be happy to help in this fight buy donating.

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