Online Shopping In Australia — It's More Eco-friendly

When we think of “green” or “eco-friendly,” we probably think of things like bikes, solar panels, electric cars, intelligent thermostats, organic food, pinwheels (oh wait, not pinwheels, unfortunately), and so on. But how often do you think about the internet as being eco-friendly.

Indeed, despite some quite popular misinformation, the internet is very green, especially when it allows us to conduct business that would have previously required driving a gasmobile somewhere. One such example is online shopping, which must prevent people from driving millions of miles every year.

Of course, that online shopping is best when the products you’re buying come from within your region. Australian online auction and sales site offers just that service (for people in Australia, of course).

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With Australia’s location almost off the map (sorry, Ozzies, but that’s what it looks like), more regional shopping is especially helpful. And one of the good things about quicksales is that it offers thousands (or even millions) of used products from other Ozzies. As the tagline writes, “For Australians, by Australians.” And there’s an obvious green button on the top-right of the site that encourages more Ozzies to start selling their products through the site (instead of via Amazon or their front lawn, I presume).

This is a genuinely green activity and service that probably deserves a bit more attention. No offense to multinational shopping chains and malls, but I think we could cut down on those a bit if we wanted to really become a green society. In every “developed” country I’ve visited, I have seen a plethora of those, often accompanied by a plethora of gasmobiles surrounding them. And I think everyone knows how obsessively we buy “NEW AND IMPROVED” consumables when we really have no need to do so.

If you’re in the land of Australia and truly in need of something, I genuinely and enthusiastically recommend that you at least check out quicksales and cut your consumer footprint down by at least purchasing a product from your region, and perhaps also make sure it’s a used one. And with the time you save, go for a bike ride or look into putting some solar panels on your roof. I hear it’s quite the steal down in Australia.

This post was supported by the above-discussed Australian online auction and sales site quicksales.

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