Olivia Munn Goes Naked for Animals (VIDEO)

News: Following up on my story an hour or so ago on NFL linebacker Terrell Suggs ‘going PETA’ (not quite naked, though), news is Olivia Munn has also ‘gone PETA’ (and gone fully naked) to encourage people to drop the fur. Olivia Munn, if you’re not familiar with her, is a correspondent on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and is a star in the upcoming Aaron Sorkin HBO series The Newsroom. The photos were taken by renowned photographer Emily Shur.

Why this is important: As PETA puts is: “In her shocking undercover video exposé, Olivia explains that on fur farms in China, there are no penalties for cramming minks, raccoons, rabbits, foxes, and even cats and dogs into tiny cages and then bludgeoning, suffocating, strangling, or electrocuting them—or even skinning them alive—in order to turn their pelts into fur coats, trim, and trinkets.

Here’s more from that undercover video:

And here’s a PETA interview with Munn:

Opportunities for action: 1) Go fur-free! (Can sign a pledge about this, too.) 2) Share this news with others! 3) Team up with PETA or other organizations fighting fur clothing and animal cruelty.

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