Oil Spill Condoms

oil spill condoms

A variety of oil spill condoms, political condoms, or endangered species condoms are available for folks practicing safe sex these days.

Want to help the Gulf of Mexico while also having safe sex? Exactly what you’ve been thinking about lately, right? Well, now you can!

Practice Safe Policy has started selling Oil Spill Condoms. 20% of the proceeds from selling these will go to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund.

If you’re a political fiend than an oil spill activist, Practice Safe Policy also has Obama Condoms (“Use with Good Judgement”) and McCain Condoms (“Old But Not Expired”).

And, if you’re more of an animal person, you can always go for the Endangered Species Condoms created by the Center for Biological Diversity instead.

Whatever you prefer, these condoms are a good way to engage in safe sex while also helping the world in other ways.

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Image Credit: oilspillcondoms.com

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