Official Music Video for Mother Nature on #EarthDay

mother nature music videoAs part of Green For All’s Earth Day coverage, they’re sharing this music video in the hopes of making us pause to reflect and celebrate our life here on Earth:

“This Earth Day, we’re pausing to both reflect and celebrate. When we look around, we can’t deny that the problems facing our planet are daunting: Big polluters are still getting away with poisoning our air and water. Worldwide, we’re seeing a spike in storms, drought, and disasters—and poor folks and people of color continue to get hit first and worst.

If you’ve ever felt outrage at what’s happening to our planet and its people, this new music video by Producer/Song Writer Issa Bibbins and singer Jonathan Hoard will hit home.” – Green For All

1 thought on “Official Music Video for Mother Nature on #EarthDay”

  1. I LOVE this song.Thank you so much.For anyone out there who truly care about this beautiful planet of ours,please watch on YouTube:Gary Yourofsky’s”Best speech ever”,Cowspiracy,Earthlings,Phillip Wollen’s debate”Animals should be off the menu”,you might be glad you did,XO

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