Ocean Conservancy Holds US Responsible for Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning

This week we’re on the topic of saving endangered sea life, and now is the best time to take action with the Ocean Conservancy!

The Obama Administration has a newly formed Ocean Policy Task Force that’s accelerating a planning process for our glorious ocean and coasts.

Since it’s up to us to make sure these plans maintain, protect, revive and restore the health of the sea sustainably, I also sent the message below to the Obama Administration and the National Ocean Policy Task Force. If we get these simple and straitforward letters to them before the February 12 deadline we’ll help lock in our country’s commitment to take action to ensure comprehensive, responsible ocean planning that holds us accountable in preserving a healthy marine environment for the planet.

Here is the letter we’re sending to President Obama and the Ocean Policy Task Force:

“Thank you for your commitment to build a national framework for coastal and marine spatial planning (CMSP)!

The Interim Framework includes many elements that are essential to the success of CMSP, including an emphasis on ecosystem-based management and a call to use a precautionary approach and address cumulative impacts.

I urge you to strengthen the Framework further before it is finalized. Protecting, maintaining, and restoring ecosystem health should be made a priority. It should be clarified that important ecological areas are critical to ecosystem health. The Framework should ensure that plans cover all major ocean uses and not just focus on single uses, such as energy extraction. The relevant federal agencies should also be required to adhere to the plans.

Finally, please build on the Task Force’s important work by issuing an Executive Order to protect, maintain, and restore the health of ocean ecosystems and advance CMSP. Such an action would make great strides toward leaving a “blue” legacy.”

This quick note will take less than thirty seconds to send, so, please consider sending one in soon (over the next week) too.

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