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  1. Here are some videos of police caught posing as the Black Bloc, at various protests
  2. Bye bye, banks: 650,000 switched to credit unions last month!
  3. Black bloc radicals tried to derail Occupy Oakland’s General Strike
  4. Police breaking their own rules in declaring unlawful assembly against Occupy Oakland
  5. “He has a right to speak”, said the cop to the banker
  6. Permaculture Principles In Action At Occupy Wall Street [Video]
  7. Kieth Olbermann calls Occupy Tulsa pepper-spraying worst police abuse yet.
  8. Why I Left WellsFargo And Moved My Money To A Local Credit Union
  9. Occupy Your Money: Close Your Bank Account On November 5th!
  10. Guerrilla Gardening at Occupy Wall Street
  11. Bloods and Crips Find Common Cause in Occupy Atlanta
  12. 2012 is (obviously) rigged: Links to campaign contributions for candidates
  13. Have corporations overplayed their hand – is the backlash now underway?
  14. Teddy Roosevelt was on our side.
  15. Bill Moyers: “Our Politicians Are Money Launderers in the Trafficking of Power and Policy”
  16. Occupy Wall Street – History in the Making

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