Occupy the Kochs — Over 1,000 Crash Koch Party (VIDEO)


occupy activists dc koch gala

Last week, The Other 98%, Greenpeace, Tar Sands Action, and others continued their efforts to fight the Koch Brothers’ war on democracy with direct action and fun. They crashed the Koch’s “hoity toity” gala for the 1% in DC, “and projected a Guerrilla Drive-In directly onto the side of the building.”

Reportedly, 1,200 activists “rocked the DC Convention Center with a creative action that lampooned the Kochs and put them on notice that we are fighting back against their class warfare.”

They’ve got a new video out now, too. Check out the Occupy The Kochs: Guerrilla Drive-In video here:

They aren’t done, of course. More Occupy The Kochs: Guerrilla Drive-Ins are in planning stages. More from John Sellers of The Other 98%:

The Kochs have buildings all across this great land of ours: think of Koch Industries, Americans for Prosperity, and their “vanity buildings” on college campuses. Many would make excellent movie screens to expose their evil deeds. If you like what we did here, pass it on so we can keep these going.

Thank you for all that you do to make this movement real.

Looking forward to the next actions and videos. These anti-democracy oil barrons need to be exposed and kicked out of power!

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