Occupy Roundup: 6 Images, 10 Stories, 2 Videos

No, I’m not recommending you go occupy Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup (though, someone certainly needs to occupy Monsanto.. other than greedy little punks). This post is just a roundup of the best Occupy _________ I’ve found today. Enjoy:

occupy wall street founding fathers

banks on welfare picture

president eisenhower ows

lincoln ows

ows police advice tweet

illegal camping police picture

  1. OCCUPY OAKLAND – Scott Olsen Was Shot In The Head Intentionally From Less Than 10 Feet By The Same Officer Who Threw The Flash Grenade (Video)
  2. Occupy San Diego and Nashville smashed, arrested
  3. Another Weapon for OWS: Pull Your Money Out of BofA
  4. NYPD and Fire Department raid Occupy Wall Street, confiscate generators
  5. From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Earth
  6. Is the Occupy Movement a Call for Sustainability?
  7. Occupy Oakland votes for general strike
  8. Scott Olsen Going Down.mp4
  9. Has America Become an Oligarchy?
  10. Despite Iraq Vet’s Cracked Skull, DoJ Sees No Evil in Occupy Crackdown

Images & several stories via reddit

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