Occupy Oakland Pictures & Video (+ Occupy Wall Street Roundup)

Starting off today’s Occupy Wall Street Roundup, here are a couple pics of Occupy Oakland protesters who were shot with rubber bullets:

occupy oakland protester bullet wound

occupy oakland rubber bullet wound

Occupy Oakland & Oakland Police Clash

Fun stuff, eh? (sarcasm)

FOX News Smears Occupy Wall Street Activist Mom

More Occupy Wall Street stories from the past day or so:

  1. Right-wing bloggers freak out as Occupy Oakland storms and vandalizes Chase Bank
  2. Sean Lennon and Rufus Wainwright offer Occupy Wall Street material support
  3. Police defy order from Mayor, NY Gov, to shut down and arrest Occupy Albany
  4. Activists to Obama: ‘YES YOU CAN STOP THE PIPELINE’

Photos via @occupyoakland on twitpic; AnonMedics via yfrog;

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