Occupy July 4th (Take the U.S. Back)

occupy fourth of july

The Occupy movement has been fluid since its inception, but there’s a hard target it could soon be aiming for — the biggest day of activism in U.S. history, next July 4th, to take our country back from the super rich.

“Think what could be brought to the limelight if a million people would take to the streets of D.C. on the fourth of July,” redditor IsPrometheusProud writes. “MLK did it in 1963, the NCAAP did it 1995; why can’t we do it?”

I’m all for it. As I’ve said many times, we need strong direct action to take this country, and this world, back from the super rich who are robbing it and completely destroying it. What better day, in the U.S., than the 4th of July?

Captain America photo via DuckBrown

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