Occupy George (i.e. Occupy the Dollar)

This is a cool idea. What is the big focus of Occupy Wall Street? It’s that the 1% own a tremendous amount more wealth than the rest of us, and that they game the system to own more and more.

There are a ton of statistics regarding this matter that could shock you.

Now, protests on Wall Street and in cities around the world aren’t going to pull everyone in and won’t get the clear message out to everyone. But here’s an idea: explain the tremendous wealth inequality on a dollar bill. Pictures above, of course.

On Occupy George, you can share the images above on various sites or print them and stamp them onto actual dollar bills (legal). Help get the message out regarding this awesome cause!

Share this story & these pics, and/or print yourself some bills (on recycled paper, of course)!

For a lot more “fun” graphs, charts, and statistics on these matters, check out Rhonda’s “Plutocracy Reborn” post over on EcoLocalizer,.. from before it was cool to be occupying anything. The U.S. wealth disparity facts are staggering.

h/t sustainablog

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