Who-o-o-o? Zefrank1 Owls

Ear of an owl
Okay, so people have seen this video about owls five million times since zefrank1 published it on YouTube last July (photo: ear of an owl). Zefrank1 owls is still one of the wackiest and most fact-filled nature specials you’ll ever see. Watch it again here!

If you liked this short vid, the guy has 156 more of them out there under “True Facts About Everything. Science. And Science.” Some:

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true facts about the cuttlefish
true facts about the frog
true facts about the mantis shrimp
the time you have (in jelly beans)
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on changing into someone else

He’s also treated us to the aye-aye and the naked mole rat. Last week, he took up the octopus. Compared very favorably with the clam.

Owlet (zefrank1)Zefrank1’s YouTube bio says he’s “the EVP of Video for Buzzfeed.com. This is where he puts his passion projects, both funny and not as funny. Please go to /zefrankenfriends for shows closer to the old style, and to /buzzfeedvideo to see what the rest of the buzzfeed team is up to.”

His stuff is going on a billion views. (Okay, only 200 million.)

Just give zefrank1 owls a quick gander.


(All photos here are screenshots.)

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