Norway’s Electric Car Leadership Jacks Up To Yet Another Level

By Nicolas Zart and Zachary Shahan

If you ever need to see what the world of electric mobility (e-mobility) will look like, Norway offers a glimpse into our future and a template to follow. More than half of the cars sold in Norway had a plug last month.

Norway Leads The Global Clean Car Sales Record For 2017

In general, Scandinavian countries have been working hard to offer a blueprint for the future of energy.

Norway has wholeheartedly embraced electric vehicles (EV), with sales of hybrids, plug-in hybrids (PHEV), and pure EVs shooting passed 50% — to 57% — in 2017 and plug-in vehicle sales already shooting past 50% market share in December 2017 and March 2018, putting the country far ahead of the curve.

Denmark has been a clear leader with wind energy, but has had mixed results with electric vehicles; while Sweden has been moderate with both. But there’s no game in town that compares to Norway on EVs and driving with no-emission electricity.

Norway Leads The Clean Car Sales for 2017

In 2017, “fully electric cars had a market share of 20.8% and PHEVs had 18.4%.” The split in Q1 2018 was 28.7% and 19.2%. That means that after a year of 39% plug-in vehicle sales, the next quarter landed 48% plug-in vehicle sales. The total in March 2018 was 56%!

“No one else is close,” stated OFV head Oeyvind Solberg Thorsen, when speaking about the country’s high electric vehicle and hybrid market-share. “For the first time we have a fossil-fuel market share below 50%.”


What are the most popular electric vehicles — er, vehicles — in Norway? Have a look:

Top 20 Cars in Norway (Q1 2018) # of Registrations Market Share # of Plug-In Hybrids
Nissan LEAF (EV) 2998 8.9%
BMW i3 (EV) 1519 4.5%
Volkswagen e-Golf (EV) 1419 4.2%
Volvo V90 1151 3.4% 869
Tesla Model X (EV) 885 2.6%
Toyota Yaris 867 2.6%
Mitsubishi Outlander 820 2.4% 784
Tesla Model S (EV) 814 2.4%
Toyota RAV4 797 2.4%
Renault Zoe (EV) 768 2.3%
Volvo XC60 721 2.1% 642
Skoda Octavia 641 1.9%
Toyota C-HR 613 1.8%
Toyota Auris 588 1.7%
Volkswagen Passat 571 1.7% 400
Hyundai IONIQ Electric (EV) 541 1.6%
BMW 2-serie 531 1.6% 509
Mercedes-Benz GLC 473 1.4% 434
Mazda CX-5 450 1.3%
Peugeot 5008 448 1.3%
TOTAL 17615 52.1% 3638


Over 50% Of New Car Registrations In Norway In 2017 = Plug-In Vehicles Or Hybrids

Electric Cars = 37% of New Car Sales in Norway in March

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