New Zealand Earthquake Causes Tsunami Warnings

new zealand quake tsunami

Well, as if we haven’t seen enough earthquakes and tsunamis this year, New Zealand just got hit with another. New Zealand was hit with a 7.6-magnitude earthquake today (originally reported as a 7.8-magnitude earthquaje), according to the USGS, and local tsunami warnings followed. But those tsunami warnings have now been cancelled from what I have found.

The earthquake was felt most on NewZealand’s Kermadec Islands in the Pacific Ocean, remote islands that are essentially uninhabited. There is only a weather station there and a hostel for visiting scientists.

The tsunami resulting from the earthquake was expected to affect Keramecs, Tonga, and New Zealand, but didn’t amount to much.

You can see on the map at the top from the USGS where the earthquake occurred (I circled it in red).

Of course, after the horrendous earthquake that struck Christchurch, New Zealand earlier this year, causing glaciers to split and killing dozens, and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, news that a large earthquake struck near the country again has concerned many. Luckily, this one struck far off the coast of the mainland and the human impacts are negligible. (I always wonder what these earthquakes out in the middle of the ocean do to sea life out there, though.)

If there is any more significant news on the most recent New Zealand earthquake or more occur, we’ll keep you updated.

Image via USGS

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