New 'Whale Wars' TV Series Documents Anti-Whaling Activists

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a direct action animal rights organization led by Captain Paul Watson, will get some well-deserved attention in an upcoming seven-part Animal Planet television series titled “Whale Wars,” set to premier November 7th.

The group formed in 1977 after Watson, one of the founders of Greenpeace, became frustrated with the seminal environmental group’s hesitation to engage in direct action. Since then the group has faced down whalers year-after-year by literally chasing their ships around the open seas.

Unlike most direct action activism, Watson insists that Sea Shepherd’s anti-whaling campaigns are entirely legal. He cites international treaties under the International Whaling Commission that state that any human has the right to interfere with illegal poaching or whaling. While the laws exist, Watson says that Sea Shepherd are the only ones enforcing them. He has been arrested numerous times across the globe but has never been convicted of any wrongdoing.[social_buttons]

Last winter, the crew prevented the Japanese from killing at least 300 whales, but not without a fight. The television show documents all the action, including a dramatic hostage situation, flash grenades, gunfire, and full-throttled chases through to antarctic seas. Quite frankly, I wish I had cable.

This teaser gives you a taste of what to expect:


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Image Credit: Paul Watson via Wiki Commons

168 thoughts on “New 'Whale Wars' TV Series Documents Anti-Whaling Activists”

  1. I love that you are working to save the whales. I like seeing the process on TV. Hearing is almost impossible. The background sound track is so loud, we miss most of the conversation.
    Thanks for the great endeavor AND toning down the stupid background noise!

  2. This show is great if you like watching an ego maniac captain shame people into doing dangerous things in pursuit of his own aggrandizement. It’s really great for you if you like watching the whale killing continue unabated due to the ineptitude and horrible performance of his crew. Bob Barker would have done much better to spend $5M on lawyers instead of giving it to this group of nuts.


  4. Americans need to stay out of other countries business! Your all a bunch of douchebags. Go home to your small town and try to create a renewable energy resource or better yet affect legislation. There is no room for borderline sociopaths in the ocean. Stop trying to create drama where there is none…people who put themselves in the line of a bullet get shot!

  5. we need to start boycotting japan car dealership world wide . nobody buys a japan car till japan stops

  6. You notice you dont see Paul risking his life in any manner, just the lives of others on the small boats. Also, since when is it allowed for anyone to intentionally try to disable another ship at sea and risk the death of those aboard, without expecting some retaliation? Cpt Paul goes too far and too often no matter his reason. If you dont like whale killing as I dont, thats fine, but doing another wrong here in his actions, is not right either no matter the reason. If I were aboard the jap ships and he tried the tricks he did, Id ram his big ship. Sink it if necessary. He deserves no respect from me.

  7. What,s wrong People, Don,t have the Guts to post it? Truth Hurts Sometimes, You are being Used, But you are Young and Stupid.Question, ? If i told you as your leader to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, Would You? How can you support a guy, By his words, Said back in 75 i looked into the whales eyes and i knew that he was talking to me? What a Crack-Pot!,Hey I,m getting up a little get together in Jonestown, Wanna Come?

  8. lisa holsonback

    I am all about saving the whales but these men seem more interested in being on tv or a cool boat . what are they doing to save the whales what a waste of money they could be spending on Saving the whales .. such a sad waste.. i want to cry when i watch the show…… they thow this crap on the boat during a whale being slaugtered after the horrible catch…. proble thowing it ON the suffering whale…… and then they just go get another whale cause these selffish want to be seen on tv whale loviing dumb asses… piss then men off even more while their slaughtering the poor whale. I glad there takein all the money to save the whales to buy a boat that looks cool on tv for them.. i hate the hole thing…. so sad..lisa holsonback [email protected]

  9. It fascinates me that people are fixated on the Japanese.
    The Norwegians are allowed to hunt up to 850 whales. Why aren't they defiled. What eskimo and inuit tiribes. They are allowed to hunt whales and all kinds of sea mammals. Are they not EEEEVIL as well.

  10. Is it true that Australia is going to sew the Japanese whalers for hunting in the whale statuary ? If so what is going on with that ?

  11. Whale Wars = Somali Pirates = Al-Qaida = Hamas. Next thing you know I'll be pushed off the road while in my toyota by a big black 18 wheeler with a Jolly Rodger painted on the side, and while me and my family lay in a ditch, IED stink bombs will we thrown at us while the whole time the truck driver is yelling out the window "Free Gaza !!!!!"

    1. Well lets see if you're qualified.
      1. Do you absolutely no seafaring or sailing skills whatsoever?
      2. Are you completely ignorant of international law?
      3. Does your need to be on tv outweigh any common sense?
      Answering yes to any of these makes you qualified for sea shepherd duty. The sad most people could answer yes to any these questions.
      I'm sure there are thousands who want join this merry little band. And like so many people who want be on these reality shows, 99.9999% don't get on. Also like most reality shows (an irony sense they usually have nothing to do with reality) the people are cast as they would be in a film or play. The producers want people who can elicit an emotional response.
      No Mike they don't want you. They want your $$$$$$. The best way you can help them is go to their website buy a t-shirt.

  12. fay jefferies

    Money hungry morans,what more can you say.IT'S enough the oil companies are killing all living animals in the ocean,now we have this.Don't you think it's all motivated by the almighty dollar.I just don't know what
    more to do about this.The captain of the Sea Sheppard is afraid to do much of anything.Following behind
    a commercial ship is not enough.The young men and women on the ship are willing to give their lives for these wonderful creatures.For God sake use more drastic before it's too late.I had to walk away I could not watch anymore ….


    1. Well of coarse its about the all the mighty dollar, pound, franc, shekel, yen, euro or whatever monetary unit, and that is truly the only way whaling can be stopped. Economic pressure on the Japanese. What is the whale market? I mean the harvesting cost alone is enormous. A huge processing ship, harpoon boats, chasing boats, you add in fuel costs labor costs, this stuff ain't cheap. So who buys whale products? That is how you stop whaling. Go after that market. The idiots on this TV SHOW aren't going to.
      They can't get much more "drastic". That will invite the whaling fleet to GET REAL with these guys. According to maritime law they would be justified in hiring private security forces. Those people are not known for their patience and understanding.
      And lets be honest here. The Sea Shepard is not ALL noble. There is an economic angle for them as well.
      Oh by the way Norway is allowed under international law to hunt whales. Why doesn't the Skipper and Gilligan annoy them?

  13. I have admit I get a real chuckle when these clowns get one uped by the Japanese.
    I'm not in favor of whaling really I'm not. But these Whale Wars people are SO annoyingly self righteous it's hard to take them seriously. Remember when the captain was supposedly "shot"? Please, I've mashed pimples that were more life threatening.
    Its like a bad sit-com. Doesn't Captain Paul and his first mate resemble the skipper and Gilligan?

  14. this is what is wrong with people now days,if we dont live by THERE right and wrong they throw a fit and resort to terrorism type acts,just like tree hugging wacko's,animal rights idiots,etc,etc,i dont think people should be homosexual but im not out targeting them and bombing there home or cars.people need to keep there views in there own house and out of ours.

  15. These guys are ignorant. They will continue to whale no matter how much of our Earths recources that the Steve Erwin wastes. It seems that they do not care for human life (including their own). I have watched lots of episodes only to see how unlogical the captian Paul is and how harmless that the whalers are towards them. All that the Whalers have done is to do their job. Why arent there activists at our local farms crying for the cows we kill to eat? I dont trust ecoterrorists because they are hipocrytes. Again they waste valuable recources of our planet and would go as far as to spoil meat of already killed whales. That is stupid because if you spoil the meat of a dead whale then they will have to kill another in its place and the whale already killed would die in vain. Get a grip people you make me sick

  16. I hope Paul is a good captain and goes down with the ship. He and that crew are nothing more than terrorists and pirates.


    Justin – 'The sea shepherd should stop what they are doing because they will never stop the Japan people.'

    So does this mean we should not have Police – because criminals will never stop what they do either.

  18. The sea shepherd should stop what they are doing because they will never stop the Japan people. they claim they are here for the whales and they are not against harming just preventing but they are ramming japan ships and boats? WTF idiots just give up Paul you need a real job.

  19. retard, thanks for your responce. why don't they use those t-shirt launchers they use at sporting events. ha ha . these tree huggers have to much time on their hands the need real jobs like the rest of us. what a waste of time and $. but it is a very funny show none the less.

  20. Retarded Whale Wars

    levi strouss:

    I guess I came off too strong. Again, I agree with the cause, but their means to an end is obviously not working. There are so many better ways of doing what the crew does on a daily basis. In desperate times, one must think outside of the box.

    Why don't they make the stink bombs a little smaller and use a water-balloon launcher? Why don't they set up plexiglass around the Steve Irwin so that the crew doesn't get hit directly by the water canons? Why does the crew not invest some time and effort into marine devices that may scare or thwart off the whales from swimming near the harpoon ships? Why doesn't the helicopter drop things from above like stink bombs or things into the water near the whales to scare them off (This may be too dangerous when considering the repercussions, however)?

    These are just some of the things that I can think of in two minutes. Imagine what experienced captains and marine biologists may be able to think of. And yes, if I joinded the crew, the combined I.Q. would only be 1.5 points higher.

  21. Retarded Whale Wars

    Wow. I was just unfortunate enough to read someone's post that included biblical scriptures. What does religion have anything to do with hunting whales? As a matter of fact, I stopped reading that post after i saw that another hyper-religious freak tried to implement religion and whaling. LOL! What is wrong with everyone? I am against whales being hunted in such vast numbers, but the Steve Irwin crew's average I.Q. is 71…just above mentally retarded.

  22. Retarded Whale Wars

    Oh my gosh. It's like the special olympics on water! It is so hilarious how futile their efforts are. I don't need to give examples, because several times every episode several of the retards really do shine. I thought that it was a satire at first. The crew accomplish absolutely nothing. They don't have any experience, knowledge about marine life, nor do they deter the Japanese whatsoever. Please, please don't watch this show. Don't fuel Animal Planet's fire to keep broadcasting this crap.

  23. Hi ,

    It is sicken me that this whaling stuff is still happening. If I didn't get sea sick I would do a month on the Sea shepherd myself as a cook . If there was a for sure pill to take I would take it and join them all.

    Why cant they come up with there own L-Rad device that will go into the water and scare the whales away from the harpoon ships. just far enough so that the whales are not in that GOD awful Harpoon guns way . or distance. There must be some kinda of wave frequency that is silent to the human ear and not the whales.Yet still wont hurt the whale ?

    Thank you and please ask them this .


  25. Why can Sea Shepred come up with there own L-RAD device that they can put into the water and it will scare the whales away from those harpoon ships and mother ship ! One that humans can't hear ,but the whales can . keep the whales away from those NASTY harpoon ships !!!

  26. Whale Wars – The Steve Irwin Crew – I love the show and the crew.

    Keep of the great work and THANK YOU for making a differance!

  27. what i think of the show i think someone might get to extreme and kill someone it might not be the crew of the of the Steve Irwin but another group will attack the whalers and then the whalers will attack back and all deaths will be on the heads of the crew of the of the Steve Irwin thats what i think i don't care if you replay

    and using the name of Steve Irwin should be a crime Steve Irwin was a Great man

    thank you have a nice day

  28. pablo, take care hope to see ya on next season of whale wars. maybe you can make a difference. or go down with the ship. there i go again saying something i will have to say i'm sorry for later. pablo , stay on dry land i would hate to hear that anything happened to you. one last ? are you native american?

  29. Whale wars is the worst piece of television junk that I have seen. I am dissapointed that this garbage continues to be aired on Animal Planet. Paul Watson, the so-called captain ,is an embaresment to sea captains around the world who have the responsibility to protect their crew.

    I believe the episode where he found a bullet in his vest was a sham and why didn't he provide the rest of the crew with vests.Over zealous nieve crew members are sent on small boats on dangerous missions without proper seamanship training. I believe that this lack of training resulted in a crew member getting hurt. They are sent on missions without proper briefing. In one episode the crew was sent on a small boat to attack a whale shipand the crew ship misunderstood the code word and performed the wrong operation. A ships crew needs to be disciplined and aboard this ship is everything but. The crew does just about anything it wants. The few brief moments that I have seen of the show lead me to believe that this is the reality version of the Keyston Cops. What they are doing is illegal and should be tried tried by an international court. Maybe then we would have a real reality show – Jail Wars.

  30. Levi,

    I don't wanna be hard on you buddy, but come on man! Are you serious? How old are you?

    How more irrational can you get?

    You raise cows and chickens under federal regulations, in addition they are not endangered animals you dummy! Are you in elementary? This is called management of our naturall resources. We need to eat, not wipe the animals off the face of the Earth. We are going to need more people like the Shepherds. It is their good intention towards the protection of our natural resources that count if we want to make the change before it is too late.

    You are a soul in conflict. Man, you are confussed!

    I guess people like you should re-encarnate (something I don't beieve in by the way) in a whale and be slaughter by the Japanese and become extinct to get the point.

    By the way, this is the last message that I will address to you. No hard feelings Levi.

  31. What do you think Paul? I don't know, their whalers, they don't think like you and I.

    That is right the whalers are efficient and well organized in what they do.

  32. pablo, what if some special interst group thinks that you raising cows or chickens for food is not environmentally friendly and come's to your house or farm and let's your aminals "free"or throws stink bombs and make's it imposible for you to havest your food. would that be lawful? the whalers are acting within the law. anyone stupid enough to put his life in danger for a whale or any animal for that matter is an idiot.

  33. Llevi,

    Apology accepted. Yes, the book of Genesis tells us that God has given us full authority over the resources that this Earth offers. We are the managers of the Earth, but we haven't done a very nice job, don't you think?. We exploit the Earth to serve our interests without thinking of the future. We are strange beings; eventhough we know that we are headed to our own destruction, we don't do anything about it. It's like if there is a force keeping us from making the change. Look for example at our dependance on fossil fuel for example. We know that it pollutes the air and that it contributes to global warming, yet, we continue driving our cars everyday. This is why any help towards the protection of our resoucers (such as the Spehers) should be admired and enforced by our governments. I know that the Shephers are not the Navy Seals, but at lest they are doing something about it. I am not a vegan. I eat meat from animals that we manage such as beef and chicken and fish that have been farmed. We can do without killing whales and other endangered species.

  34. Pablo, Read genesis chapter 1:26-31. God has given it all to us. For either food or clothing. Are you a vegan? Sorry about the tree comment. That was out of line.

  35. Levi,

    "Will you teach your children what we have taught our children? That the earth is our mother? What befalls the earth befalls all the sons of the earth. "This we know: the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. "One thing we know: our god is also your god. The earth is precious to him and to harm the earth is to heap contempt on its creator. Chief Seattle

  36. This is a thought for the whalers… why not put some hooks on the bottom keel of your boat… this will catch and stop the prop fowlers from reaching your props… when you are clear you can free the lines by simply reversing. Please pass this on if you are in touch with the whalers! I would love to see my idea in action.

  37. These liberals really are something else! They are attacking the japanese boats with slime and stink bombs and trying to disable their prop in the middle of an arctic ocean and they are "surprised at the violence the whalers have shown" when the whalers were throwing metal bolts at the sea shepherds to deter them????? That was the most dim witted comment I have ever heard, and I have heard a lot of them. The solution is to round up all of the vegans, liberals, and tree huggers and give them their own country and make them stay there. Hunting whales should not be done in this day and age, but you goobers saying that a dogs life is more important than a humans is just bad thinking.



  39. I am amazed to read the comments of people who oppose or think that these "whale shephers" are stupid or out of place. No wonder why this planet is in peril! These guys at least have the balls to do something about the destruction of our environment. They should be admired for risking their lives for the protection of these poor whales that are being attacked and killed. I don't care if these whales are being hunted legally. They should be left alone and in peace. A decade ago these animals were about to go extict and now that they are just recovering they are being hunted again especially by the Japanese and the Chinese. These whales should't pay the price for the out of control and hubger demanding Asian population boost. I don't care if these are international waters… is our planet and we only have one. WAKE UP YOU BUNCH OF IGNORANTS!!!!!!!!!

  40. Kuddos to the whole crew and Paul Watson! They might be a bunch of fools according to some people on this thread, but anyone who would even dare to go out on an old ship in the rough seas for any cause whatsoever, is a hero to me! There are 6 billion people on this earth and out of that 6 billion are a few 30 or so people that are willing to make a difference to the whales, not even for human beings. That goes to show that 5 billion 970 million of us are more concerned about ourselves than getting out of ourselves to help maintain this fragile eco-system we have now.

  41. After watching the show for 2 seasons now I am glad I am not the only one who thinks Paul Watson is a wantabe despot. He fits the bill: taking risks with no thought of the young ideal driven spoiled college kids that feel they need to put their lives on the line for a cause to feel alive, guilting them into taking risks he will not take himself, he takes no resposibility for mistakes made on the ship, a true captin knows the buck stops with him or her. Tell me he is not F@*king Shannon Mann, the young communications officer you are blind.

  42. What incompetence on the bridge of the Steve Irwin! The First Mate better start to understand ice maps! While the Sea Sheperds are to be commended, the way those people operate that ship scares the living daylights out of me. What a bunch of "Keystone Cops" running around. Just unbelievable. Quite frankly, they are their own worst enemy, not the Japanese whalers. That ship almost went down in that ice field where it had NO business being. The only person with any sense I could see was the ex-naval officer Jane Taylor and what she is doing with inept bridge crew, is beyond me.

  43. I have to agree with the other assessments of Peter Brown… He pisses me off more each week…. Also they are working with 30 year old equipment… What kind of environmental damage are they doing with the old engine technology…. Does anyone know if there are individual e-mails available for the crew,,, I would like to contact them directly!

  44. mtkidsarewatching th

    I've been looking for a place to post a comment on this show and this seems like as good a place as any.

    I have been watching this show with my 12 year old son and both of us repeatedly come up with the same comments.

    We think that what the Steve Irwin is doing is admirable and at it's core is the right thing. BUT, they are a floating Cluster-F8&K in how they do it.

    It actually makes me angry to see how much they bumble and stumble their way into each encounter with the whalers. One mistake after another in poorly thought out methodology, poorly executed procedures, and in a few cases flat out incompetence in leadership. The 1st mate is an a$$hole who shouldn't be anywhere near the bridge of a ship much less leading people on a turn at the helm.

    Maybe a half dozen of this years current crew (at least the ones so far that are shown on the program because of creative editing by the producers) seem to have a clue what they are doing. The rest look like fools that have their own personal issues to work out. I am sure that the supporting volunteers that are crewing the ship are all there out of true beliefs in the core of the mission, but they are being led by a group of incompetent morons. But if I was stuck in the belly of a ship trying to keep from becoming the next titanic, I'd be pissed as hell at the idiot who got my zero rated ship into an iceflow.

    If only these guys actually got themselves organized and "trained", they might actually be effective. Istead of getting lost for a day or two in an iceflow and wasting fuel and other resources trying to make up for dumb a$$ mistakes, they might actually have the time to do something to help the whales. Instead they barely make it to harass one of the fleet ships and then have to turn to go back to refuel.

    I'd consider donating if it didn't seem like I would be pissing my money away on a bunch of fools.

    Anyway, I hope this does keep going and improves. Maybe they will learn from their mistakes and get better. Either way, I am still watching.

  45. I think that all of the crew members have a true passion about saving whales. But having this passion doesn't mean that they would make a good crew. It seems like a bunch of inexperienced deckhands as well as a captain. Good thought, bad execution.

  46. Whats the fastest whale in the Southern Seas?

    A.) Minke Whale

    B.) Fin Whale

    C.) Blue Whale


    The one with the harpoon in its back.

  47. i think if they what to have any chance of saving whales they should drop peter brown off on the nearest iceburg.

  48. what a waste of time and money. i watched last year and there was no clear evidence that these stupid hippies saved even one whale. someone is making money off of this and it surely is not the whales.

  49. Anthony Pacheck

    If anything, this show works against itself. Instead of possibly promoting an anti-whaling surge within the hearts of people, it will probably just cause people to lose all respect for these self proclaimed "warriors" and their mission. First of all, the ship "Steve Irwin" is 30 plus years old, using outdated equipment and constantly faulty mechanics, the Steve Irwin is a disaster that has happened and is waiting to happen again. It is not designed for ice fields even though a good portion of her sailing is done in antarctic ice infested waters. Second of all, her crew, is anything but cut out for the job. Most of them are classic super liberal hippies, most with no sea fairing experience. They constantly preach their anti-whaling stance yet only briefly do we see choice members engaged in direct confrontation with the whaling boats. Third of all, Captain Watson. Still active in his cause, he is truly the president bush of the anti-whaling hippie sect. Using his incompetence, he guides his crew into "battle" with whaling ships, often using devastating techniques such as stink bombs and putting a crew member on a ship. Captain Watson is far from a captain and far from sea worthy, often guiding the Steve Irwin into suicide missions from the comfort of his bed. Even in the worst of situations we see messengers running back and forth between the deck and Watson's cabin. All in all, the Steve Irwin and its crew are equivalent to a small boy trying to stop a parade.

  50. I've been going to sea for 25 years. At 44 years of age all I can say is that it is truly comendable to be willing to die for what it is you beleive in, think

    world military, but to be a total jack ass about the

    way you do it, deserves you every bit of grief you experience before you die doing it. These people are fools

  51. I’m all for the mission of saving whales. But I would NEVER get on a boat with Peter Brown! For having been on a ship for decades, he’s the most incompetent man I’ve ever seen. Last season he slacked off holding the bow line causing the tender to capsize, and this year he can’t understand basic navigational instructions allowing the ship to slam into icebergs. Somebody throw him off the boat!

  52. Paul Watson is a liar and complete nut, saying he was shot and saved by a badge and vest, but there no hole in his jacket nor any physical signs of a gun shot. this man should be put into a mental home, put that hippie behind bar. How did this guy even get a TV show (what people will watch)


  54. Boarding a vessel w/out the auth of USC title 14 is illegal. Zero seamanship, decision making ability, or situational awareness. supporters: go 2 sea! this gives true environmentalists a bad name.

  55. Dive Hernandez

    My name is Dive & yes it is Dive & it is a name that fits me. I have always loved everything about the ocean. I watch anything that has to do with animals but especially the ocean. I have been watching Whale Wars lately & it is a amazing show!! It's something I truly believe in. I would like to thank these people for all their hard work in trying to protect the Whales!! I am someone that would like to do this with my life!! This is something I have been looking for my whole life. If someone could PLEASE email me with information on how to get involved with the cause. It is a cause that I believe in with all my heart.

  56. while I do not support the killing of whales the actions of the Sea Shepards are nothing more than eco-terrorism. The Japanesse have the rule of law (as objectional as it maybe) on their side. The Sea Shepards do not. Would'nt the efforts of the Sea Shepards be more effective if they tried to change the attitude of the Japanesse consumers of whale meat, and start a boycott of it? Asit is I have no sympath for the Sea Shepards, and am afraid they hurt the cause more than help.

  57. A lot of soft people with softer minds. It's obvious to me that missing out on protein apparently stunts brain development. Anyone who likes this show must be a moron.

    I know several doctors, and none of them are vegans. Hmmm…

    There are other ways to get your point across other than forcing your beliefs on others. Of course, forcing is the easiest way, so I understand if that's all you can do.

    Now, go cry in your beans and rice.

  58. A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal.(proverbs12:10).The kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.(proverbs)27:23)Careful that you know the condition of your flock,give careful attention to their needs.Cruelty against god creatures,is a sin to he that created them.It is easy to be critical of others, especially when we are not the ones doing the job.I do not feel sorry for the Japanese at all, most fisherman love their jobs fully understanding the risks involved.The sea shepherds are just trying to do, what should have been done a long time ago, which is to stop the cruelty of killing whales for purposes of research and their so called delicacies ending up on someones plates.What is the matter with those people in china and Japan!!!!!!!!!Killing innocent cats and dogs!!!!! Hurting black bears for their bile for medicinal purposes,I don't believe that will do a damned thing for medicinal purposes I feel bad for those animals and what they do to them.It is hard to imagine what else they eat!No real laws to protect them innocent animals and the terror they inflict upon them is almost unspeakable and hard to fathom!I don't think they have that depth or concept of understanding of their cruelty tactics,apparently they have done it so long, it is nothing to them!The knife is a big item in the chef world of theirs.Last year, the sea shepherd and his crew saved three hundred whales. Maybe the ones that claim they have all the expertise can volunteer their time and put their actions to where their mouth is.I am a vegetarian and vegans are not a know it all!They simply know it is a health issue and they have no pleasure in eating or of killing animals for that is their right to do so and anyone that claims or bragging oh,I can kill a animal and have no problem with it. It makes me wonder what else could they kill? to say it that loosely, they should not own a animal of any kind.Sounds like they are one card short of a full deck.

  59. I've worked on an ambulance as an EMT-A for 27 years.

    I have seen gunshot wounds.

    I have seen Police officers after they have been shot while wearing a vest.

    One of them was shot with a .22, and it knocked him on his ass.

    Why didn't Watson fall down when he was shot?

    where is the bullet hole in his Jacket?

    Sounds like BS to me…………

  60. Paul Watson, the captain of the Steve Irwin, is an idiot. The crew isn't much better.

    It's a miracle no one from this ship of fools hasn't died in their misadventures.

    Here are some examples:

    1 Not training for boat drills prior to going to the waters of Antarctica.

    The scene where the boat capsizes and the crew thrown in frigid waters,

    and the rescue efforts are proof they are idiots.

    2 The fact that Watson has people "Volunteering" to go on board other ships without permission.

    This is called trespassing on land, on the sea, it's piracy. The idiots who went on board

    the Japanese ship and were"Taken hostage", are lucky they weren't shot.

    Maritime law states you can take whatever action necessary to protect the integrity of your vessel.

    3 The ships doctor reminds me of a joke,

    "What do you call the person who graduates last in his/her class from med school?


    The proof here is that he had a woman with a suspected pelvic fracture climb a ladder,

    and then walk to their poor excuse for a sick bay. I work in Emergency services, there is a litter called a Stokes which was designed so patients can be easily moved with causing damage.

    The fact that they don't have one, and that help wasn't called in for this highly serious injury

    is proof that the captain is an idiot, or just doesn't care about his crew.

    4 The "Engineer". An engine breaks down and he doesn't have an answer. Or the means to repair it.

    So they have to let the whalers have their way while they return to Melbourne for repairs.

    5 The flight crew. Let some idiot with a stick to throw hazardous materials on the whalers ship on the flight deck,

    and let him hit a blade on the helicopter causing damage and ground it. The pilot should've briefed

    him about doing this.

    6 The highly qaulified volunteers who call the bridge the cockpit, GEE WHIZ, at least train these folks.

    Now I love whales, the ocean, all creaatures great and small, and Mother Earth. But these idiots have got to go.

    Paul, a fancy jacket does not make you a sea captain, experience does.

  61. mary strobridge

    I admire Captain Paul Watson and his crew and what they are trying to do. Great guy in my opinion and he and his crew have allot of courage

  62. mary strobridge

    Why do some of you hypocrites,bother wasting your time,and ink with no nonsense issues that does not have allot to do with the cause?As for Jeff Dec.20th, in regards to vegan brains don't develop as well as normal ones.Sounds like you need a shrink man.Maybe you should become one,what have you got to lose? Your brain is already under developed.Or maybe your brain is stuck up your ass.I don't think you know where it's at.You need to eat more blueberries, they help the brain to develop and you can stick them up your ass or shove them in your mouth than maybe you will shut up and mind your own business.

  63. I agree too, with what the sea shephard's are trying to accomplish.Watson is getting way too many arrows shot at him from all directions.The issue is, how can we save the whales/versus Japanese whaling?Is this more about watson's lack of good judgement as a sea captain, or how to save the whales from a cruel death and needless suffering, for purposes of research and ending up on someones food plate.Needless to say,I think it should be stopped.Would you want to be one of those poor whales?They are caught up in the middle and are victims of this horrible conflict.They are here for one purpose and that is, to be left alone in their natural habitat.Would the Japanese Like hooks up their backs?

  64. My only wish for the japanese whalers is that they kill every one of those greenpeace assholes ruining one more culture

  65. Dear Sir,

    It is hard to believe that no one has yet been killed. I can see why the "captain" (surely he does not have captain's papers) does this as he clearly could not get a real job. He has the intelligence, judgement, and ability of Homer Simpson.

    I am a believer in the cause, but it profits no one when the center of attention is an egocentric moron who cares nothing for the safety of his crew. By the way, I know for a FACT that seasickness is not mental.

    This is a tale told by an idiot signifying nothing. I will never again be a contributor.

  66. It took me a while to get through all the episodes of the “Whale Wars” marathon but it was worth it. It’s easy to understand how this show has become such a ratings winner for Animal Planet.

    One of the most memorable episodes of the season was "Nothing's Ideal" where Watson first announces his strategy and encounters a distinct lack of enthusiasm from the crew, most of which didn't feel justified in openly criticizing the plan.

    Irritated with the reluctance, Watson later stated "I don't have much patience with people who are–what I refer to–as cowards."

    Later in the episode he goaded the crew of a fleeing harpoon ship saying "you run like cowards" as they were trying to escape harassment by his crew.

    It would seem from all indications that the way Watson threw around the word "Coward" he must be a bold, daring man indeed.

    However, in the episode "We Are Hooligans," when Watson was desperate to lose the Japanese surveillance ship, he proposed a plan to the ships bosom, David Jennings, where Jennings would take a crew aboard the vessel and sabotage the ship's communications. However, he stopped short of giving the order, preferring to let Jennings decide if he should perform the mission or not. When Jennings decided against it, Watson then made the argument for the action again. However, Watson again stopped short of making it an order, even when Jennings told him he'd do the mission with an official word from Watson.

    Something similar happened earlier this spring when Watson was preparing to head to the eastern coast of Canada for Sea Shepherd's annual seal hunter harassment. The Canadian government drew a line in the proverbial sand warning Watson his crew were not permitted to harass, monitor, or be anywhere near the sealers. Watson, the stalwart eco-warrior that he is, called their bluff and commanded the crew of the Farley Mowat to confront the sealers. However, when the RCMP raided the ship and arrested the ship’s captain and first mate, Watson was conspicuously absent. He was staying with friends in Brooklyn New York when the ship was boarded. According to Shannon Mann, the communications officer at the time, it was the first time Watson wasn't able to make a campaign. Lucky for Watson he wasn't on board when the Canadians decided to crack down on him, otherwise he could be one of the two about to stand trial next year for defying the authorities.

    So, what would you call a man who tries manipulating people to commit illegal acts, and simultaneously insulates himself from being charged? Hmmmm. It's right at the tip of my tongue? What could that word be?

  67. The first episode I watched of this show had one of Steve Irwin's Delta boats get turned over due to the incompetence of the 2nd in command Peter Brown. Right away I saw this crew had no idea what they were doing especially with Watson's best buddy making most of the decisions. And then tonight I happened to watch it again and unbelievably this moron did it again after 2 members of the crew get detained on one of the Japanese whaling vessels. After finally getting permission to return to Watson's vessel due to 2 days of governmental negotiating, the moron 2nd in command proves once again his immense incompetence by trying to harass the very Japanese ship that captured the 2 men originally. Watson is deep in sleep due to 36

    hours without sleep and simply says do whatever Brown tells you to do. So instead of meeting the ship with there captured shipmates on it, dumbass Brown gets the bright idea to harass the ship that had ship that had detained the 2 men. In less than 30 mins after leaving the Steve Irwin, the Zodiac gets lost, then after they are found again, the helo has to return back to the Steve Irwin because of darkness. So now on top being in middle of the ocean in pitch darkness, the cannot raise communications with the 2 men in the Delta boat. At this point the 2 men are lost at sea and nobody has a clue where they are. Man talk about a comedy or errors. This show to me had been nothing but a episodes of many errors due to inexperienced people and bad leadership. The first thing they need to do is get rid of this idiot Brown who is 2nd in command. And of course when the Capt. wakes up he backs Brown and all of his mistakes. I won't be watching this show again and all of there stupid mistakes. And what is really funny is the fact that this Watson dude could care less about his people. He says, it is all part of this job and if it mistakes happen or people die, so be it. But curiously I don't see either one of these dummies actually putting their lives in any kind of jeopardy.

  68. I really believe in what the Sea Shepards are doing and wish that GreenPeace, SeaShepards,etc can put thier differences aside and come together for this and other causes. The effect would get a lot better results, but I guess it is human instinct to make even a cause like this political between like minded organizations. I also dont agree with all Paul Watson thinks and does but he is doing something which is better than nothing at all,I really feel for him in a couple of ways the first being his crews are mostley so unskilled (being nice) it has to be very hard to get the job done let alone how embarassing it must be for him now that with the telivision program all can see and this makeing him seem even worse than some feel.

    I am doing what I can for animal/planet conservation in my little corner of the earth and if we all put our money and or our efforts where our mouths are this planet wouldnt be in such a critical situation.

    Scott B

    Niagara Area, Canada

  69. Jeff,

    Try again… It has nothing to do with eating meat directly but rather B12 deficiencies. As long as you're smart about what you eat, vegan or not, you're fine. There a lot of issues that can cause B12 deficiencies.

    Delve into the science a little, and you'll see benefits of a vegan diet far outweigh any risks.

    Or, if you just want to go tit-for-tat is "popular science" news stories, a Southampton study shows a link between being veg and higher IQ… (

  70. Garrett Anderson

    I am all for protecting whales, but what the Sea Shepherd is doing is is piracy and terrorism. As for the captain being shot that was all staged, there was no bullet hole in his mustang suit, there was no bruising on his chest, he didn't even stagger back when he was "shot". I think he took his gun, went to the engine room and shot the bullet proof vest and the badge and put it back on. The fragment of the bullet looked like a .45 caliber and he was perfectly shot in the heart from another ship, both ships were pitching and rolling under the sea state… i don't think so. As far as Paul Watson he is a terrible captain… A captain needs to make better decisions and keep his crew and ship safe, thats his first responsibility.

  71. Whale Wars is possibly the most ridiculous show on television. Its like watching a bunch of drunk high teenagers pulling pranks on "the man". The episode where the captain was "shot" has to be the single most outlandish ever. They pull what looks like a .45 to .50 caliber "bullet" from his flak vest. First of all, two ships bouncing on the sea, 50 yards minimum apart, and at different elevations and one bullet fired manages to hit the captain in the chest right on his shield. Second, the vest (kevlar at best) would not have stopped a round that large. Third, the shield would have shattered into many pieces. Finally, he would have been knocked straight back into the wall of the ship. Him feeling a prick in his chest? Impossible! Rounds that large move people and leave very large bruises even with body armor.

    Bottom line, Animal Planet is out of control with this show. I am going to avoid this channel from now on if this is the crap they are putting on. Terrorists attacking boats in international waters. I wouldn't mind seeing one of those whalers running straight over the Sea Shepherd. Ridiculous!!!

  72. Just a bunch of pompous "I know better than you, so shut up" morons. They illegally board another ship, and claim to be "kidnapped". I'm against illegal poaching, but I'll kill and eat an animal…no problem. Just can't stand their holier than thou attitude. Same with vegans. BTW…a recent Melbourne study shows that vegans' brains don't develop like normal people. Their diet makes their brains shrink. Explains a lot.

  73. Shame on anyone who thinks this show is anything but garbage. I wonder if they will take the show off the air when the Japanese fishermen get sick enough of them to fight back.

  74. Yes, the Japanese are technically whaling legally because of a loophole. (Though, if the rule is changed so no whale meat can be marketed as a result of a scientific kill, I'm pretty sure their "research" program would cease…I'm a graduate student in the field and have not seen one bit of actual research produced from this endeavor). Paul Watson is interfering with a legal operation.

    …Of course, Rosa Parks sat ILLEGALLY (more or less – makes the point anyhow!) at the front of the bus too….

    And I think a lot of you are missing the point here. People are doing what they believe in. I've crewed with Paul before (not in the Antarctic though..), and everyone on his crew understands the risks involved. Paul is not risking human lives – save for his own; passionate people are risking only their own lives.

    I've always congratulated Paul on the way he handles poachers, etc, and I encourage him to continue what he does! Frankly, I believe he should invest the money he'll get from the show to hire some of those ex-SEAL Blackwater-types to scuttle the fleet.

    Of course, this is all coming from someone who thinks the slaughter of any animal – cow, chicken, pig, lamb, whatever! – should be tantamount to killing another human…

  75. To Robert Strouss: do some homework and read up on Paul Watson. You will be amazed at what he HAS done and been threw. He does not ask anyone to do anything he has not done. He has been in the trenches when he was younger (he is almost 60 for gods sake). Think of it this way. If our military required our generals to man the machine guns and fight the enemys 20 year old troops we would last as a superpower.

  76. I love the Whale Wars show and all of what Paul Watson and the Sea Shephard crew represent. We need more heros of wildlife in the world. Anyone who can't see this just don't get it. Humans are thought (by other humans) to be the most intelligent creatures on earth. If we are so smart why are we insistant on destroying the earth and ourselves in the process? Where is the intelligence? We have so much to learn from our fellow creatures (wildlife), but unfortunately we will destroy them before they can help us. BTW, as an Animal Planet follow-up to Whale Wars I would love to see "Land Wars" next. I envision a group of ex-US Army Rangers called "Land Shephards" who hunt down and kill poachers. As a US Army Ranger turned wildlife activist I volunteer to take the first shot.

  77. it would be nice if that so called capt. would be willing to risk his life. he talks a good game but can't back it up with action. he is wanting people to live up to something he himself is not willing to do.

  78. I was sooooo excited to se the premier of this show. What a waste of film….good ol captain paul barking out orders like this is some kind of US Navy vessel, but i dont see him climbing in the chase boats, or boarding the Japanese ships. Pretty much the whole ship is filled with moron tree huggers, inexperienced and do not belong on the open seas. Someone will mosy certainly get killed under this morons command. The only crew members that i see that have any brains at all, are the ones that got off the ship. I honestly believe the reason they are on the ship in the first place is to keep from getting real jobs. Week after week, we tune in, and guess what….more of the same, we cant get the boats launched, someone messed up, the satelite phones arent turned on, we lost the fleet, nothing ever happens. Now lets send 4 women on board, to serve a warrant that is about as useless as the paper you wipe with. The few bright spots of the show are the people that disagree with the captain, and the guy that was demoted for not following the fake chain of command. Maybe if hes lucky, Paul Watson will end up in the sitting behind the desk hall of fame. I wouldnt let the captain, first or second mates of this ship run a 4 foot rubber raft in my pool. Again, you notice he gives alot of orders, but when its time to make a big decision, or takes volunteers for his so called missions, its up to the crew. Therefore washing his hands of any responsibility when someone gets killed. What a joke, and what a waste of film. im going to fill out an application to join the Japanese Whaling Fleet, they are the smart ones, getting things done. Like the big Sea Shepherds can compete with the amount of money the Japanese are throwing at this. As far as im concerned they did board the Japanese ship as pirates, and should have been thrown overboard. Morons.

  79. I watched this show for hours only Sunday and was both encourgaged and appalled. I think the cause is noble but anyone that goes to sea with Watson and his officers is trying for martyr statis. The lack of training and the conditions which try are in is an accident going to happen. My opinion of Watson changed the more I watched the show, he went from hero to zero. As a captain he should be concerned about his crew and leave the PR for his exec. director to handle. His lack of real concern for the untrained , unprepared people in his charge made me glad I never had a Captain like that when I was sailing. I hope enough people have watched this show and think the same way I do, so he will not get anymore volunteers to put in harms way.

  80. Tracy,

    I think Paul Watson meant that if he got on that ship, they would kill him. After all, he has been harassing them for decades.

    Not to mention, do you think he is in the physical condition necessary to jump from a small boat over a railing onto the Japanese ship?


  81. I fully understand why Greenpeace ousted Watson. The tactics of the Sea Shepherd do nothing to change the big picture or to help the conservation cause.

    In the first episode, as Watson is interviewed before the Irwin sets off, he states that he "hates cowards", implying that anyone not willing to jump to board he Japanese ship is detestable. But in a later episode, as the Irwin is again preparing to harass the Japanese ship, Watson states he would like the women to do the tough stuff and leaves off by saying he would himself go, but they'd (the Japanese) keep him so that he'd "never get off". And he expects his crew to risk their own lives. Watson sounds like a coward to me, but worse still, it's obvious the lives of his crew. For any of them to die out thlittle man is a narcissistic psychotic. I fear for the ere will do nothing to save whales. Watson's a loose cannon with an overblown ego. His contribution is zero-to-negative towards the actual conservancy of whales effort.

  82. This is show is great. Just started watching it last week. I love the premise, a bunch of anti-capitalist douches chasing around legitimate Japanese commercial whaling ships who aren't doing anything different than american farmers killing cows to provide beef for those who want beef (I guess in Japan they go out to nice restaurants and eat whale). Regardless, I think the Sea Shephards should have harpoons thrown at them, as they have no right interfering with Japanese whalers doing their job and providing a supply of whale meat for the demand of whale meat. And, yeah, according to our constitution they do have a right to protest, but if someone ran onto a cow farm to protest a farmer raising and killing cattle, they'd get a shotgun blast to their chest. Enough said. Great show though!

  83. Look, I'm all for the Sea Shepard's causes, and no I don't think that their methods are too extreme, in fact they could even be more extreme, however they are now under the scrutiny of National TV and in some cases international. My only problem with the entire operation is that all the people participating in this so called "war" are inexperienced hippie idiots that end up inflicting more negligent harm on each other then the whaling vessels. I feel that if Paul Watson is serious, which I know he is, but this is what I don't understand, then why doesn't he get experienced people that can take care of this with amazing efficiency and swiftness. Maybe it's money, I don't know, I just feel like they are a bunch of unorganized hippies in a not so familiarized location with no prior knowledge as to what the hell they are doing, they should hire some of the people from the deadliest catch, this whole fucking thing would be over, however, some people might end up in jail.

  84. I've got the perfect solution to save the whales. (It really is a good cause) Dress that fat dumbass captain up as Santa Claus. Make that nerdy greaseball with the pony tail don an elf costume (not really a stretch is it?) and have the two of them stand on a corner ringing a bell for donations. Have the idiot wino looking first mate beg for spare change and then combine all the collected money and hire a crew that knows what they are doing to save the whales. Brilliant! I am still in shock over tonights revelation that the nerd is dating one of the decent looking cooks. I can't believe that he simply kissed her good bye to go on the dangerous boarding while he stayed onboard to kiss the captain's ass. WTF? Warning bells should be going off in her head!

  85. I have watched 6 episodes and I am amazed that these guys get away with what they do. It is just a matter of time before someone gets killed because of the inexperienced crews they shanghai. These people are going to Antarctic waters with no experience to terrorize Japanese whaling boats. Most of the crew seems to think what they are doing is fun and games. That may change when one of their mates gets killed launching the zodiac or falling out into the sea. I really think that they would be far more productive putting their resources in changing laws and reducing the whaling to the point where it is not profitable. It takes time but this guy has been doing this since the so called captan got kicked out of green peace in 1977 and they are still whaling. I, like most people would like whaling to end but using terrorist tactics is the wrong method.

  86. I think the members of this incompetent crew are in much more danger than the whales. I am hooked on this comedy of errors put on by a few hot chicks and a bunch of retards. My favorite retard is the nerd with the greasy pony tail and goatee.I just know that any episode now someone will kick his annoying ass. How can it be that a seagoing organization doesn't have one single person that is an avid sailor? That dirtbag captain is going to get someone killed.

  87. While you guys have a noble cause and ARE doing the right thing..your approach is way wrong. Your treatment of the crew and lack of training force there to always be a rotating, rookie group of basic babies. Does it surprise you that on every episode things go horribly wrong? which in turn wastes the time and donations afforded you guys. In your quest, experience is vital and the blunt and hands off approach are no the way for a captain to promote a good morale amongst the crew and in the long run could work against the cause. The use of teamwork is demeaned and the heirarchy of the boat doesn't work. The ideals are good, but the execution is lacking. You guys are embarrassing and setting back your cause by airing these goof balls. I know many in a position to donate hefty amounts, but after witnessing the waste, it doesn't seem worth it. Take your head out of your ass, captain..youre not a god..

  88. You do realize that there are children that are sick and dieing everyday that can use this kind of media attention…… all they are doing is pretending to be heroes by playing on a boat. They are just bumbling around and are incompetant sailors. they have no right to interfere with someone else's livlihood. these guys need to be put in jail.

    there is nothing sadder than dirty hippies with a misguided purpose.

  89. Comments on: Whale Wars TV Series

    I do believe in protecting the whales. The program gets us interested, then it ends up with disapointments everytime. Either the crew does something unbelievable stupid, they're wrong, or they make crazy mistakes, everytime so far that I've watched this program. Examples: #1: The Captain of the ship sleeps while 2 of his men are captured on a Japanese ship! Come on! #2: Forgetting radios on a mission, come on! #3: Missing to disable the ships props! Is there any training for the crew? Is there any testing of the crew? Is there any responsibility for the incompetance of the Captian for so many errors? The sleeping Captian instance was unacceptable! I don't care how long he was awake! I watch this program because of what they believe in, but there is way too much film footage with disappointments. I know everything doesn't go as planned and everything doesn't come up roses, but to sit there and watch disappointment after disappointment is a waste of time. That's why there is Film Editing! My favorite program is The Deadliest Catch. Can't get enough of it. Sure it has disappointments at times, but whom ever edits the film for the TV program, makes it enjoyable to watch the whole program. Again, I can't get enough of it, but the Whale Wars TV program is nothing but a let-down. Wasted footage, wasting viewers time. Please look in to editing the film footage to give interest to the viewers for the entire program and suggest some sort of better training and most important, procedures! Having procedures, training the crew to the procedures and testing the crew following the procedures will make a better and safer crew. Might just make the program a bit more interesting to watch the entire program.

  90. All of the Sea Shepherd crew members are losers. They are not activists but bunch of trouble makers. If they want to save the whale then form a professional animal saving organization and not a whole bunch of day dreamer hero wanna be type of retards. Especially that what they call "Captain" Paul Watson is the true

    LOSER. He does nothing but try to convince oter people to risk their life and even easily said losing a life for whale is nothing… then why the fuck dn't you jump over Japanese board and be the hero of today. If that captain have any guts then he should set a example for his day dreaming crews. Because of this kind of human stupidity is existing in the world so people like green peace can not get their job done in timely manner. I remember one of their stupid episods, those stupid idiots trying to get help from grean peace and got rejected (of course…). Please get the message and stop the silly show. If you guys are a true animal lover then tacle from legal issue instead of being an international distuber. You guys are losing American's faces.

  91. This show is a superb example of what gives environmentalists a bad name. The crew are engaging in terrorist activities in order to try to impose their view of what's right and wrong on others. Perhaps Japanese fisherman should stalk the crew of this vessel and throw bombs at them whenever they eat a hamburger or step on an ant. I used to support environmental causes, but no more.

    I always find it telling that supporters of these types of cause are generally celebrities with too much time and money on their hands. Anyone who has seen some of the real problems in the world, the human suffering (e.g. malaria, starvation), would realize there are far better places to focus one's energy than supporting environmental terrorists.

  92. a ship of fools

    a cook that can not cook, so it's off to the flight deck swinging a gaff..

    let's lower the small boat at 8 knots without a painter

    crew's lost at night in small boat ? Captain won't wake up ??

    Egos everywhere..

    I work as an Engineer on board, you sneak on my boat and you're going to get a bat across the forearms or a shovel 'cross the face … "dreadhead" and his buddy were very lucky those fisherman were peaceful.

    My son and I watch it as much for the antics as the great pictures..

    I'm not into killing whales but at least it's Minke and not the Right Whales that we nearly wiped out..

    what about the rumor of the "Stingray Maru" ??

    save the whales……………….till we make more Tarter sauce !

  93. The thing that kept running through my head was , JONES TOWN in south America, The Capitan reminded me of Jim Jones who KILLED his followers. The women on the Steve Irwin remind me of Charles Manson Girl friends.. It is too bad these people do not fight this hard to stop WORLD HUNGER, Help there own species..

    The show was entertaining, but my gut feeling was the captain and crew, were Diabolical and Ignorant, MANSON and JIM JONES were fighting for what they believed in..

    I am a AMERICAN, but if I was in the Japan Government, The Steve Irwin would just disappear or The Japanese people should send a ship out to throw stink bombs and make the steve irwin dead in the water and I would cal the Japanese ship, STINGRAY

  94. The Japanese need a boat named STINGRAY to take care of the STEVE IRwin

    The thing that kept running through my head was , JONES TOWN in south America, The Capitan reminded me of Jim Jones who KILLED his followers. The women on the Steve Irwin remind me of Charles Manson Girl friends.. It is too bad these people do not fight this hard to stop WORLD HUNGER, Help there own species..

    The show was entertaining, but my gut feeling was the captain and crew, were Diabolical and Ignorant, MANSON and JIM JONES were fighting for what they believed in..

    I am a AMERICAN, but if I was in the Japan Government, The Steve Irwin would just disappear or The Japanese people should send a ship out to throw stink bombs and make the steve irwin dead in the water and I would cal the Japanese ship, STINGRAY

  95. I can't believe this stuff. What is next? I don't like baseball, so I guess I should start a group of people like me to start terrorizing professional baseball games? Or maybe a group should get together and start terrorizing people we don't like due to political differences, color or religious beliefs? Where does it stop?

    I personnally don't like the whaling industry myself, but that doesn't give me (or anyone else) the right to take the law into their own hands. This group needs to be arrested. End of story.

  96. omg are you serious. these guys are terrorists plain and simple. when they illegally boarded that boat they should have been shot. when they "disabled" the rudder to stop the ship, they are guilty of destruction of Japanese government property. They are not police, they are not international water regulars, they are a bunch of nuts tryig to egg the Japanese into doing something that would make them seem "evil". This has got to be the most ridicoulus dispay of stupidity that I ever seen. These people deserved to be jailed thinking that they are above laws just because they think they are "saving the whales" OH Frikken idiots!!!!

  97. Wow ! I saw this show on the Animal Planet to my utter horror and dismay ! How does a reputable tv channel like the Animal Planet pick-up this garbage ?

    The overt and irrational emotions over whaling have never ceases to amaze me. But in the interest of fairness, here is a bit of disclosure before I begin.


    1) I am an avid “environmentalist.” I wonder about the sanity of people who watch the beauty and the majesty of nature, and think nothing of mowing it down or NOT feel the undying urge to protect it and preserve it for the generations to come. As far as I am concerned, EVERYONE is an environmentalist, for we can NOT live without a healthy environment.

    2) Having said that, I also recognize that WE the humanity are an integral part of this environment. I do NOT subscribe to the blind and foolish notion that we must protect all things large and cuddly at the complete exclusion of humanity. Yes, fauna and flora, along with its environment MUST be protected, but sustainable harvest and environmental protection are NOT mutually exclusive. Matter of fact, our history has often proven it to be otherwise. Everyone from the National Geographic to Steve Colbert (of Colbert Report fame) has addressed the positive role that hunters and gamesmen often play in conservation of very species that they hunt.

    3) Nor do I subscribe to the argument that we should put forth more effort to save something or protect this and that simply because they are “more intelligent” or for that matter, because they are furrier or cuddlier or cuter. I believe the “intelligence” argument is a dangerously slippery one, and that it has been used to horrific results throughout history . . . the examples are endless – a) the laughable notion that American slaves did not deserve basic human rights because they were inferior in intelligence, or b) that Native Americans were somehow NOT human, or that c) because aborigines did NOT have the Western knowledge nor the notion of sowing the land, that the land did not belong to them . . .

    Sensible environmental policy would suggest that eco-systems in its whole should be preserved – from its apex predators all the way down to microscopic organisms that support the foundation of such an eco-system.

    . . . now, back to the current whaling situation.

    Basic Premise:

    The Japanese have hunted whales for centuries. They use every part of the whale, some of it for crucial cultural activities such as Bunraku (Japanese puppetry theatre) where no other substance can be used as a substitute (in this case, baleen).

    The whale population was decimated by our own people, the English, the Americans, and the Norwegians, among others, who during the 18th and 19th century spanned far and wide across the world to hunt all whales indiscriminately to satisfy avarice demand for cheap blubber and some fashion fad. Commodore Perry first went to Japan in 1854 to force its cooperation so that American whalers will be sheltered. Ernest Shackleton and his crew were saved by a Norwegian whaling station in Antarctica.

    To blame the Japanese for the pathetic and shameful decimation of the whaling population is like blaming the Native Americans for the decimation of the North American buffalo. Moreover, to prevent them from hunting whales because it has now become fashionable to NOT hunt them for us in the West, is nothing short of shameful visit to our imperial past when we imposed our vague moral standards on others and demanded that they modify their behavior to suit our own comfort.

    On the “Scientific Research” Issue:

    When the International Whaling Commission enacted its moratorium on commercial whaling back in 1986, all pleas for responsible and sustainable whaling were ignored. There was, however, an exception made for “scientific research”. So in order to preserve their cultural heritage, the Japanese now hunt for reasons of “scientific research”.

    To ask what “scientific research” they are conducting is an insult to intelligence. They are clearly hunting under those auspices because they have no other choice, and I applaud them for it. Would you have done otherwise ? When people are told NOT to worship, the places of worship go underground. When people are told NOT to speak their languages anymore, home schools pop-up in secret. It is a perfectly rational, perfectly intelligent, and the only way to keep ones culture alive, and to prevent it from going the way of so many cultures that have been murdered by the whim of the Western "high moral ground."

    So I say, provided that it is sustainable, hunt on, Japan !

    Message to the Imperialists:

    As for imperialists in Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd hell bent on cultural destruction and forcible imposition of their thoughtless values, their time and resources would be better spent on focusing on other issues – impending global warming, prevention of drag-net fishing that is decimating the ocean fish stocks, or rampant habitat destruction in many of the developing worlds.

    If they really want someone to blame for the current sorry state of whales in the world, then they should NOT look to the people who have sustainably harvested whales for centuries. Instead, they should look to their own ancestors and the policies taken by those ancestors.

    Finally . . . :

    Final caveat to above. Having said all of this, I do think it wise to monitor closely the catches made by the Japanese, or whoever else. I believe the Rudd Government (Australia)’s monitoring of the Japanese whaling fleet is a great idea.

    Like all things in life, accountability and transparency are critical in making sure that the system work, especially systems as delicate and fragile as sustainable harvesting.

    But the despicable actions by the Sea Shepherd boat and its crew members have no place in thoughtful environmental policy.

    This show is an insult to other reputable, science based shows that the channel carries.

  98. I caught One episode and stood slackjawed. The captain stays in his bunk when told they have crewmen missing in the night in those frigid waters? I have been a captain in the bering sea for many years and I could not imagine letting the mate figure it out and me sleeping on. I don't care how long he had been up.I have been up for a long streches of time, laid down and right away had to get back up for safety reasons( not doing so is not comprehendable to me or any captain I know or have worked for). He is far from

    prudent in his seamanship. These guys are anarchists plain and simple. only government can board you're ship without consent. Yes, I know they can interject if you are illegal fishing. And by that law only allows them very few options which I won't go into here but does not include, boarding their ship because you don't like what they are doing.

  99. great effore but fuck… what a pathetic group of fucking pacifist hippies… sorry but this is an agressor job for people with a vicious heart and skill in anything militant… his crew is completly imcompitant… how much equipment was broken on the first voyage out… way to be prepared.. so lame… kick off the hippies and buy some real soliders… enough of this pussyfoot BS…way to go paul wattson… you have a crack team

  100. Just watched a couple of episodes of this series. Its obvious that Paul Watson is so busy feed ing his ego he fails to plan, implement and execute proper safety checklists and protocols before putting members of his crew in harms way. Ie: the fast boat flipping over during launch, the fast boat getting lost in the dark.

    I support what they are trying to do, just don't believe thay have thought out their methods well enough. Just the fact that they are only putting one fast boat in the water at a time is shortsighted. If the fast boat were to be damaged and/or swamped by the Japanese it would take too long for their ship to get to them before they froze in the water. Having a second fast boat already in the water would allow it to serve as a rescue vehicle if necessary.

    The captain is blinded by the heat of the pursuit, the safety of his crew is fourth on his list.

  101. I agree with Jamie. I watch in horror as these morons sail about trying to be "eco-police". I am in a sea-going lifesaving service. And I work abord a ship. I am apauled about the way this ship is ran. I agree that whale fishing is wrong -BUT- I am certin that if these idiots keep it up, there will be a whole crew and ship at the bottom of the ocean because of their own failures. Then they will have a REAL eco problem.


    For those of you who think Paul Watson is a "hero", I did a little research on your beloved eco-hero. Paul Watson is an attempted murderer who holds absolutely zero value on human life and actually hates the entire human race. He is quoted as saying that he values earthworms over human life. This is a man who actually LIKES terrorists!! Don''t believe me? He''s quoted as saying, "There''s nothing wrong with being a terrorist, as long as you win." Those of you that support this wildly fanatical and DANGEROUS terrorist, here''s a news flash for you: This man has not one problem killing you off, even if you are affiliated with his organization, to fulfill his goals of eliminating humanity from the planet. Don''t believe me?… If these guys have tax exempt status it needs to be revoked NOW! THEY ARE NOT HERO'S THEY ARE CRIMINALS!

  103. I have seen the first three episodes and quit frankley these guys and girls (Sea Shepherds) are a bunch of idiots. In the first couple of episodes they flipped their small boat, almost crippled a helicopter, and endangered the lives of crewman by illegally embarking on a foreign vessel. I am suprised that no one has been killed yet. That is the reason I a keep watching. As for the issue of whaling, I do not see the problem. We kill animals for food all the time. Obviously if there was a problem govenrments would put more strict sanctions on the whalers. What the Sea Shepherds are doing is blantant terrorism. I think the captain of the japanese harpoon boat should of shot them as soon as they illegally boarded rather tresspassed on Japanese teritory. He would of been in the right in my eyes. What is the difference between the sea shepherd's tactics and that of one of the terrorist groups that we are currently at war with. They should all be arrested.

  104. I watch the show but not for the same reasons as most I guess. First off that captain is about the most incompetent boob in the world. He IS going to get someone killed. I watch the show to see who dies.

    I do disagree with the whaling, but for starters they are legal. If you truly want to make the change then make it ILLEAGLE if you truly have the support that you claim. Boarding a ship on the high sea is ILLEGAL and an act of piracy, in which I would have fully supported the Japanese if they would have treated them as such, like shooting, hanging or taking them back to Japan to be tried for international piracy.

    That crew consists of people with great ideals but no seamanship ability. I wonder about their real intelligence. Would I go to sea with a captain that has very little command experience commanding a vessel? (NO!) also with someone that was kicked out of a similar radical organization for being too radical even for them. The guy is a real nut job. To me he isn't qualified to be the captain of a row boat.

    Also look at the training OMFG ROFLMAO there isn't any. They tried to launch the rib and had only one person that had a clue and only a clue on what he was doing. And he was in the rib. All this while they were underway. When I saw that happening I started laughing because Ray Charles could see what was coming next. Those guys almost lost their lives due to the incompetence of their skipper.

    Has anyone wondered why they say they sail with new crews that have never been to sea before? My guess is that by the end of their trip the volunteers have come to their senses and cant wait to get as far from that Usama Bin Laden of the environmentalist organization as they possibly can. I am glad that the Animal Planet is showing this, it makes for good comic relief as well as showing what true Eco terrorism is. I sure hope that either the Australian government stops these quack jobs or that the Japanese actually retaliate with real force. If they did, then the sea shepherds have no one to blame but themselves.

    If you want to call yourselves pirates and engage in hostel actions, then be prepared to be treated a such.

  105. This apparently serious show often appears to be a parody of itself. Given the rampant incompetence of the crew it will be a minor miracle if they survive their voyage. Reminds me of the occasional sad and pathetic story of a person who can't swim but nonetheless jumps in the water to save someone. Well intentioned but idiotic. The solemn pledges of their willingness to die for the whales lost the effect when the one fellow called to ask the whaling ship for help because the fools in the delta did not turn on their phone and were lost.

    I suggest Paul Watson, aka the Nappin' Cap'n, shorten the crew's leash.

    I'd also enjoy hearing the crew's opinions about waterboarding or Guantanamo, say, right after they've returned from one of their oh-so-honorable "missions" to disable or destroy the whaling ships.

  106. The Whale Wars are informative and Animal Planet is doing an educational service to the public. The series illustrates how important protecting the whales from extinction and preventing the Japanese whaling industry from violating international agreements by whaling in protected waters and far exceeding quotas.

    The Sea Shepherd, led by Captain Watson, deserves the respect and gratitude of us all in protecting a mammal whose brain is larger than our cars, from a cruel death by harpoons with attached grenades. It takes the whale often hours to die an agonizing death.

    The whales belong to all of us not Japans taste for whale meat. Greenpeace has been collecting money under false pretences from me for one by alluding they are there as well to protect the whales. NO so. My donations will now go to the Sea Shepherd Society.

    Thank you to the Sea Shepherd Society and to Animal Planet for making us aware of the struggle which hopefully will be resolved with world attention to the problem.

  107. Having watched the first 3 eps now, I'm inclined to say the show will do more harm than good to the 'cause'. Mostly because of Watson himself, but also the 'caliber' of individuals on his 'crew'. Ironically, it might have gone over better if not for Discovery Channel's 'Deadliest Catch' series.

    Prior to the premiere of 'Dealiest Catch', I doubt many people had any real knowledge of how a crabbing ship operated, what the crews endured, what the captains do, etc. I know it was an eye opener for me. (I will never grumble at the cost of crab again;) That said, we *have* seen it now, and it paints Watson and his 'crew' in a very poor light.

    Their objectives may be worlds apart, but a good leader is a good leader, and a good crew is a good crew. Watson and his bunch of mostly giddy airheads are neither. They're not just embarrassingly bad, they give environmentalists a bad name (by fitting the stereotype to a 't'.)

    If I had to choose – and 'cook' would probably be the ONLY position I would be capable of filling on one of these ships – I would choose to crew with ANY of the crab ship captains over Watson. Watching the last eps of Whale Wars, I was dumbfounded at how he handled the crisis. Or maybe I should say, didn't handle it. He stayed in his bunk. Had that been Sig or Jonathan, or any of the other crab ship captains, it might have taken a couple gallons of coffee and a case of Red Bull, but they WOULD have been on bridge, in charge, on top of the situation no matter what. Watson slept on…

    Not sure where Watson finds his 'crew', but they make me cringe. Most of them are inexperienced, and the 'volunteers' are walking, talking caricatures of uber-liberal, too-much-time-on-their-hands airheads playing at being 'environmental warriors'.

    I support the idea of protecting the whales, but have little confidence, or respect, for Watson's group.

    My 'fantasy'? The lot of them sent to sea under Captain Sig;) I'd pay to watch that;)

  108. Watching captain Shepard and his crew perform their duties is like rubber-necking an automotive fatality on the side of the highway. It's just a matter of time before some poor volunteer crew is seriously hurt and/or killed in the process. Having served in the maritime profession for 18 years, both as crew and master captain, I can tell you that there is no way I'd step foot on this guys ship or call him qualified to make safe decisions. Greenpeace should break there relationship with this rogue and instead put their money into marketing the next generation of Asians to frown upon eating whale meat.

  109. The Japanese aren't hunting these whales into extinction. For chrissakes why don't you tree huggers get a life. None of the whales the Japanese "harvest" goes to waste, let these people make a living. Isn't it enough an atomic bomb(s) was dropped on them.

    And the idiotic eco-terrorists want the Japanese to help them find their missing delta boat while captain Paul Watson sleeps. What a laugh. I hope they get charged with a criminal action for endangering themselves and the Japanese.

  110. As a longtime supporter of Sea Shepherd I am somewhat of mixed feelings about this show. I am of the firm belief that, in the long run, the SSCS is having a positive effect on the campaign against illegal whaling. However, 'Whale Wars' seeks simply to ridicule the entire crew and its campaign by highlighting all the blunders and lack of preparation. I have found myself raising an eyebrow more than once in the few episodes that have aired thusfar and although I will continue to support them, I feel as though they will lose more supporters than they will gain through this show. I can't help but think that they would have been better off sticking to the simple press releases than this mass media propaganda.

    Good luck in the sanctuary this year, Sea Shepherd.

  111. Wow, just saw the episode of the 2 crew losers who boarded the Japanese ship illegally and then claimed to being held hostage. I dont believe in whaling and think more should be done but this group including their brainless leader is a joke. Typical Hippie-Crits!

  112. Amazing how much criticism Sea Shepherd garnishes from all the armchair critics out there who would do everything better if they just weren't so comfortable. Sea Shepherd volunteers are risking themselves in an adverse environment to address the inexcusable harvesting of whales by Japan in a whale sanctuary. Their significant actions give their convictions and opinions credibility, unlike the fluff from most of their critics who are shamed by their self-indulgent juvenile critiques based on ignorance. Maybe the keyboard critics can make a small step forward and send a critical email to their local government rep for their apathy on this issue instead of trying to ineffectively undermine Sea Shepherd. Personally, I am going to cut Sea Shepherd a cheque right now.

  113. I cant beleive that some people are calling the sea shepard terroist and pirates! The only victims are the whales who are basically sitting ducks with no way to protect themselves! In this day and age there is absolutely no reason to kill whales. The japanese can find another way to earn a living instead of being murders!


  114. If they can save one whale and they have to sink a whale ship to do it.. so be it. It's well established that whale hunting in these waters is illegal, the whales are endangered and the actual use of the whale is minimal if not superstitious (read: ridiculous, arrogant, wasteful,…). Where do I send my check in support?

  115. I've just finished watching the first two episodes of Whale Wars. While I really admired the determination of the crew, I was quickly sickened by the "Captains" lack of safety measures on board. No defib? No heart monitors? How can this be? Say what you want about his motives but there needs to be some basic medical equipment on board. If these people are willing to risk their lives then provide them with more medical equipment than my cheapy gym has. To provide any less is an insult to them and their personal sacrifices. It's plain negligance.

    If someone were to enter my home I would defend it with my life. They would not be able to say I kidnapped them or held them hostage. What was the crew of the whaling vessel suppose to do? Offer them tea and give them a tour? They are lucky they weren't gunned down.

    The Captain of Sea Sheppard has his own agenda and it's not saving whales. Unfortunately he has captured a group of people with a deep passion and is exploiting it. I wonder if they had a word for this what would you call it. Oh yeah a cult. They blindly follow his assumptions with out thinking them through. I had to laugh when he said an Australian Navel vessel would intercept the whaling vessel and save the two crew members. What a crock.

    If you want to stop the whaling you have to educate the people that are eating them and using whale products. You need to turn public opinion. If the demand for whale meat stops, there won't be any more whaling. Plain and simple. No one will stop whaling until it's not profitable.

  116. Firsty, I'm completely behind the cause of the Steve Irwin. Their doing something noble and with mostly good intentions.

    Now, with that said; The captain and the crew of the Steve Irwin appears to me, a bunch of ramshackle, shoot from the hip, gangster style extremists who actually don't realize the damage they're doing to their own cause.

    Drink that in for a second. What I mean is that the nature of their operation aired earlier tonight was perfectly criminal. Rather than take sensible and effective measures to educate, appeal to proper authorities, and get results without committing crimes themselves, they coast around FLYING A PIRATE FLAG, acting hostile toward foreign vessels, throwing stink bombs and slime grenades like middle school punks. Then when they forcefully and illegally board the ship, and it's all peace and flowers and non violence. Dolts.

    The captain thinks he's general Patton because he's read Machiavelli, still he turned a lovely shade of white when the operation turned south. And how can he be angry at the Japanese for detaining his men? What the hell does he think they would do? Let them run around freely and plant something meaner than a stink bomb?

    So then he calls the press, conveniently leaves out the part about the slime grenades, attempts to foul the prop, the illegal boarding, and reports KIDNAPPING. Which isn't just bending the truth, but an outright lie. Turd.

    All of you that believe in this cause ignore everything that this crew does. The ends DON'T justify the means and we are all responsible for what we do and what we fail to do. Let's fight for this cause properly and without gangster like, extremist tactics.

  117. what is stopping the Japanese from killing everybody on their boat? Nothing! They're in international waters and messing with millions of somebody else's money. And their captain is sick, he's more concerned about press than he is the wellness of his men. That's sick. These people dont think rationally. I mean what did they expect when they boarded a boat of non english speaking people. They didnt even think to send a guy that speaks english or even give them a phrase to say in japenese. The fact that they cant launch the boat correctly should be enough to show that they havent thought anything through!

  118. Finally saw an episode. Sam Shepard has lost my respect for either his stupidity or hypocrisy. Stupid, his flag is a Pirate Flag. If I was a whaler, I'd sink them just for the flag they are flying. A black flag with a skull on it means robbery, raping, pillaging and murder on the high seas. Sam Shepard's group picked flag style for its coolness factor, but if I was a ship captain, I would treat them as pirates.

    In the episode I have just seen, two members board the whaling vessel, but the rest of the crew then complain that the two members are being tied up and "held against their will" and are hostages, complaining that the two boarders have been kidnapped. Well, what do they expect for boarding another's ship, tea and crumpets?

    If Sam Sheppard and company wish to fight against the whalers this way, that is their decision, but they need to grow up and stop being childish expecting (or expecting others to think) that their actions does not have consequences. I will not be surprised that Sam Shepard will get some of his crew killed, he will probably shift the blame to others but himself.

  119. I watched the show the other day for the first time and was absolutely moved to tears by these peoples actions to save these whales. I was a little bothered by the arogance of their "captain." I wonder how much he even really cares for the whales. To me it seems like he's more interested in bolstering his own ego. He's uses these peoples dedication and trust in him to carry out his rediculouse little schemes. If anyone should have jumped onto that Japanese boat it should have been him. Like someone already said, the only way people are going to hear your voice is if your still alive. I blown away that nobody has died yet due to this captians incompetence.

  120. Wow. I am shocked and apalled. Do these volunteers have any idea whose hands they have put their lives in? A crew muster drill in which no survival suits (absolutely necessary for survival in event of an emergency in a cold water climate) are provided? The "medic" recommends hot chocolate for those suffering from hypothermia? A skiff launch that is beyond incompetant – Where is the painter line? Why is the skiff launched without the motors warmed up? Who is driving the crane? Pull up when you see it turning! These are obvious concerns to those of us who work on boats. Something for those who would like to volunteer for something they believe in to think about…. Your safety is essential. Your voice will not be heard if you are dead. Educate yourself about the environment you be in! In other words, not so impressive.

  121. Come on.. do any of you really believe the Japs are whaling for research purposes only? If you disagree with Sea Shepherds tactics, how exactly would you do it better? Be peaceful and good things will come? I.e. Ignore the problem and it will go away. Brilliant… Theses guys are throwing stink bombs and risking their lives jumping on a whaling ship. And tangling a prop with a 2nd boat close by? Not exactly violent crimes. According to your logic Martin Luther King and Ghandi were terrorists.

  122. At what point in time does one believe that boarding a ship of another country without permission could be taken for a hostage situation, come on people. Better yet, why not board a ship after trying to disable it at sea, in effect the ship would be helpless to the wrath of the ocean. A ship with no prop is helpless, thus leaving the crew in a great deal of danger. Very good, great humanitarian thinking, I'm sure the families of those Japanese sailors would be so grateful for the tragedy that would unfold do to the actions of a half wit captain. Keep up the good work, endanger lives in the hope to save lives. That is the humanitarian way I guess. Makes me proud to be a human. Grow up and be peaceful in nature and good things will come to all.

  123. Paul Watson is a TERRORIST nothing more. Its fitting that he flies the skull and crossbones because pirates were the terrorist of their days.

  124. What a bunch of morons. If I wasn't worried that someone was going to be killed, it would be funny. Their seamanship is practically non-existant and they are going into the most remote ocean on our planet with no backup and little hope of rescue without so much as a safety drill. Most of them can't even spell ship, much less handle one with any degree of competance. Half the show is wasted watching them recover from their bone-head mistakes and barfing over the side of the ship. Thirty minutes for a man overboard drill and more than half the crew (including the captain) is standing around watching and clueless as to what to do! If it was a real emergency, someone would be dead.

    LOL the cook got promoted to deck cheif to help with the helicopter. The radio operator had to figure out how to rescue the crew members who got dumpped into the water when they failed to launch the zodiac.

    The more I watch, the funnier it gets.

    OMG and they are only serving vegan meals! That's hillarious! What do this bunch of tree-huggers have against plants?


    I wouldn't get on board with this bunch of sea sick keystone cops on a bet.

  125. Pot smoking???? Most vegans are straight edged! Research much. and its completely volunteer. If you can run a ship better, volunteer!

  126. I watched the first episode and have to say that as a professional mariner I was appalled at all of the examples of poor seamanship. There is no way these guys should be operating a vessel in these conditions or any conditions for that matter. The captain lacks any form of decisive leadership. The fact that they swamped their small boat in what should have been a routine boat launch evolution speaks volumes about their inexperience. The indecisiveness of the captain on how to recover the men overboard and his later decision to utilize a damaged helicopter after being advised otherwise by the aircraft manufacturer magnifies his incompetence and arrogance. This crew is a train wreck looking for a place to happen.

  127. I watched part of this show last weekend and thought "these people look like a bunch of pot-smoking brain-dead idiots". They damage their own equipment, fail to properly deploy their boat, and alienate potential allies by telling them to "get your head out of your azz". These people, with a good cause, seemed totally incompetent and sometimes childish and immature. I almost felt embarrassed for them. Taranis

    Man-made Globbal Climate Change is a Myth.

  128. ooops. Reading fast I didnt realize that yes Hon was refering to people from India. Well, I think they should come over and put an end to our beef industry. Actually, it would be amazing. An eye opening experience for most of this country.

  129. I think if people read the book Whale Warriors (written by someone who isnt apart of the crew), they may know something about what is actually going on and why they do what they do. If you havent read it or dont know anything about it from a personal stand point, then opinions are non educated and serve no purpose to inform anyone with questions. Lets step back and just look at this from an ecosystem point of view and how killing off whales effects that. Or maybe lets look at how the japanese are fishing in UN protected waters and no one but sea shepherd are doing anything about it. oh but wait, yeah they do have the laws under them. They are legally authorized to intervene in accordance with the United Nations World Charter for Nature that was ratified by the U.N. General Assembly in 1982 under Section 21. So no they arent terrorists. And what the hell "Hon N" with Indians attacking Americans? First Indians live in India. Second, Native Americans dont live in tipis in raising cattle out on the plains or whatever you have thought up in your head. So why would they attack anyone? Stereotype much? I wish Sea Shepherd all the best and look forward to the show.

  130. I think that it good to stop killing whale but they use something that will the stop the killing of whale but not to wild is butter

  131. Sea Shepard is an organization dedicated to the promotion of it's founder Paul Watson. It doesn't care about animals or nothing else. Search youtube for an old Watson interview with CBC's Barbara Frum. If you speak french, Watch "Phoque, le film" dedicated to Watson's organization. Don't be a dupe!

  132. I don't see Indians attacking Americans because of America's huge beef industry. These guys don't exactly have any kind of right to pull off these attacks either. If anything, these guys are lucky that the Japanese whaling crews never any of them.

      1. lol thank you… took the words out of my mouth…. you know, bald eagles were endanger of becoming extinct, when i was in grade school, it was rare to see one, even in the BWCA of northern Minnesota, where we camped on islands every year, 30 some years later, there's nesting pairs of eagles in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, this never would have happened with out conservation laws being strictly enforced, now because of a loophole in a international treaty whales are still being hunted to extinction, not all laws are right, as a human, most people have a moral compass as to whats right and whats wrong… sea shepherds are on the right side

  133. i think the sea shepherd should save the whales by any means necessary. i believe animal planet viewers will be cheering for them and making donations so that they can keep up the war.

  134. It's hard to believe how fast these guys went from accusations of eco-terrorism to a starring role in Sharkwater to a TV show of their own. If you'd told me 10 years ago, I would have said you were nuts.

    I'll be very curious to see how America interprets his tactics. Sea Shepherd have made quite the name for themselves, and whatever you think of them, are a major player in whale conservation, if only because of their profile.

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