New Website Details Greenpeace's Anti-Heathrow Expansion Plans

Greenpeace has launched a new website to explain what they intend to do with the small plot of land they purchased in the area where the runway is planned to be built.


The organization has invited the public to become beneficial owners of the land with over 36,000 people signed up so far. They hope to have at least 100,000 owners to further complicate the process for the airport to buy the land.

So what does becoming an owner actually mean? No, you won’t have your own tiny portion of the land. Instead, Greenpeace explains:

We are currently drawing up the ‘declaration of trust’ with our lawyers. This will include (using legal language for a moment) the ‘rights and responsibilities’ of beneficial owners. That’s just a legal description of the fact that, as a beneficial owner, you’re part of the campaign against aviation expansion, and will have lots of opportunities to get involved in the events and activities we’re planning for Airplot.

For the most part, the plan is to wait and hold their ground. The runway may not be built for years and will face the Infrastructure Planning Commission, which could rule to force Greenpeace off the land. What then? They’ll engage in peaceful direct action to block the bulldozers.


Image courtesy of Greenpeace

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