New "Tool for Action" from Climate Reality Project

Climate Reality Project, Cape Verde (UN in Cape Verde on Flickr/Climate Reality Project/Masakazu SHIBATA)Climate Reality Project, Cape Verde (UN in Cape Verde on Flickr/Climate Reality Project/Masakazu SHIBATA)

Sometimes one website just doesn’t seem able to serve all the goals of a complex, multi-actor organization. The Climate Reality Project had this problem and just unveiled its chosen solution today. We recommend you check it out.

Climate Reality Project logoWith a global movement more than 5 million strong and a grassroots network of educated climate realists, the Climate Reality Project is one of the world’s leading organizations dedicated to creating cultural momentum to approach the issue of climate change.

Since its founding, Climate Reality has always used its website to educate and empower users to take action on knotty and growing environmental problems. Now, a new site design should enable visitors at all levels of prior knowledge to explore, share, and press forward on an issue that involves all of us, willing or not.

The new Climate Reality Project site features a colorful, customizable, action-oriented interface. Ken Berlin, President and CEO of the organization, former member of the federal Energy and Environment team, and board member of several other key environmental organizations, says the improved online interaction will lead visitors to take effective action offline in response to climate change. Based on her/his knowledge of the issue and interest in participating, the individual user can adjust the interface to serve specific needs.

The new site offers information about volunteer, media, and other offline leadership opportunities. It encourages all users to:

·      Get smart. A section of the site serves those who are just learning about the topic. It includes quizzes, videos, and other educational tools.

·      Get loud. The site also gives people the tools to share facts and insights about climate change. It is home to petitions, social media engagement opportunities, and other online actions.

·      Get active. Translating online engagement into offline action, the new site shows users how they can easily put their time, energy, and skills to work effecting change.

The Climate Reality Project’s existing initiatives will be worked into the new format. Among these campaigns:

What I Love
24 Hours of Reality
People vs. Carbon
The Guitar of Reality
Reality Drop,
and the
Climate Reality Leadership Corps.

Made Movement, a Boulder, Colorado-based agency, assisted the Climate Reality Project’s digital team in designing and developing the new website. Its other clients include Seventh Generation, New Belgium Brewing, Copper Mountain, and Church’s Chicken.

Former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore founded and chairs the Climate Reality Project. For more information, visit the Climate Reality Project site, or follow on Twitter: @ClimateReality.

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