New Climate Consensus Shirt & Mug (Chime in on the Design)

Some of the folks at one of my favorite sites on the internet, Skeptical Science, are going to make t-shirts and mugs broadcasting one portion of the scientific consensus on global warming, the fact that 97% of climate experts conclude global warming is happening and is caused by humans (while 2% are undecided and 1% are/is “skeptical”).

Here’s more from John Cook of Skeptical Science on the impetus for this:

new survey by George Mason University shows only 15% of Americans correctly understand that the great majority of climate scientists think that global warming is caused mostly by human activities. This is not a happy statistic. Back when I posted an infographic on the scientific consensus on climate change, Skeptical Science reader veryred suggested putting the infographic on a T-shirt. I was immediately taken with the idea of climate geeks walking the streets with the 97% scientific consensus on their chest. Okay, not quite a fashion statement that will attract the opposite sex, it might even get you beaten up in the schoolyard, but certainly a creative way to get the climate message out there. So I’ve set up a Skeptical Science CafePress store and the scientific consensus on climate change is now available as a T-shirt.

Last I heard, John was looking to get help deciding on the best design. Take a look at option A & B below and head on over to skeptical science to chime in.

Climate Change Consensus T-Shirt & Mug Option A

Climate Change Consensus T-Shirt & Mug Option B

I strongly favor Option B myself. Think it’s more clear. But what do you think?

(If you feel like mentioning your favorite without heading over to Skeptical Science, feel free to drop the comment below and I’ll pass it along. :D)

2 thoughts on “New Climate Consensus Shirt & Mug (Chime in on the Design)”

    1. Haha, i totally agree 😀 Apparently, the designer created that one first & then when he decided to make it into a shirt/mug came up with the other (1st one here) as an alternative… Think sticking with first instincts is the winner here 😀

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