New Cargo Trike Rocks It! (VIDEO)

Cargo bikes and trikes are just starting to catch on in North America, after a long history in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany. And now might be a great time to jump in and get one. Copenhagen-based Butchers and Bicycles has created a pretty freakin’ awesome tilt-action cargo trike that looks like it could blow the competition out of the water. Here’s a video:

MK1 – Tilt-action cargo trike from Butchers & Bicycles, Copenhagen from Butchers & Bicycles, Copenhagen on Vimeo.

“Riding the Mk1 gives you a very different sensation compared to the established brands of three-wheeler cargo bikes. It feels more like riding a two-wheeler,” the bike experts at Copenhagenize note.

“The bike is also very sporty. Selling itself in the film by showing you how you can corner better and faster. The box tilts with you into the bend.”

Aside from the better ride, the MK1 also adds some convenience. A door at the front can come down, making the loading of kids or big stuff easier.

mk1 cargo bikeCopyright All rights reserved by clotilde.imbert

Here are some more detailed commentary from Copenhagenize:

The bike is also nice and light compared to the established brands, which may be a unique selling point.

An optional electric assist motor can be mounted. Right there, we are sceptical. In a densely-populated city with an average speed of 16 km/h, we don’t fancy large, electric scooters zipping past doing 25 km/h.

Design-wise, the lines are elegant, the details impressive and the Mk1 rolls boldly along in simple in black or white. No bad taste in that department.
cargo trikeCopyright All rights reserved by clotilde.imbert
cargo trike copenhagen
Copyright All rights reserved by clotilde.imbert

The MK1 is supposed to be for sale starting this month. However, it’s not clear if it will only be for sale in Denmark to start, or if it will have a broader launch. The design and focus of the trike is certainly a good fit for the US, probably even more so than Denmark.

Here are a few final words from the Butchers and Bicycles website:

Our first cargo bike — simply called the Mk I – is for anyone who loves cycling. With it, we intend to challenge the perception of how fun and easy riding a cargo bike can be without compromising usability.

It has long been established that the bicycle is in fact an actual alternative to the car and that the two-wheeler is, in many cities, actually even faster. But although there are many obvious benefits of cargo bikes, as we know them, they have so far lagged the joy of cycling. We have set out to change that.

Good luck to the young startup, and I hope it won’t be too long before the cargo trike is available across the world!

Aside from watching the website, you can keep up to date with what is happening with this cargo trike on the company’s Facebook page.

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