Muskrats (10 Friday Photos)

Muskrats Photo 1

This Friday, check out these 10 photos of muskrat for 10 Friday Photos. I’ve heard some story that muskrats move near human houses and disturbed them, and even scare them! Well, maybe, but aren’t they so cute? Look at these photos and enjoy!

Muskrat Ball

Muskrats Photo 2 Photo redit: Wendy Relf via flickr

Muskrat Family

Muskrats Photo 3 Photo Credit: Eric Bégin via Flickr

Swimming Muskrat

Muskrats Photo 4 Photo Credit: Stella Blu via Flickr

Another Muskrat Ball

Muskrats Photo 5 Photo Credit: silliopolous via Flickr

Baby Muskrat

Muskrats Photo 6 Photo Credit: Matt Hazlett via Flickr

Warm-up Before Swimming

Muskrats Photo 7 Photo Credit: duskie78 via Flickr

Eating Muskrat

Muskrat Photo 8 Photo Credit: Eric Hunn via Flickr

Muskrat Builder

Muskrats Photo 9 Photo Credit: wackybadger via Flickr

Face-to-Face with Muskrat

Muskrat Photo 10 Photo Credit: duskie78 via Flickr

What’s your favourite? I fell in love with the 2nd, it’s the cutest and funniest ever.

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Top Photo Credit: birdingrob via Flickr

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  1. I have a story I would like to share with you about the importance of the muskrat but donèt know how to actually post an attachment.

    If anyone knows – please advise.


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