Mountain Heroes: Help Stop Mountaintop Removal Today

MTR activist in D.C.
Mountaintop Removal Activist

Mountaintop removal coal mining (MTR) is very harmful to ecosystems, including to the humans living in or off of those ecosystems. In an effort to extend opposition to MTR beyond traditional circles, Earthjustice is putting a face on this topic, or many faces actually, through its new Mountain Heroes: Our Stories program. Earthjustice writes:

People from around the world who want to save the mountains and waters in Appalachia have added their photos to our online photo gallery and photo petition. These photos are a public rallying cry against mountaintop removal mining, in solidarity with those living near the destruction of mountaintop removal and among the majestic Appalachian Mountains that we need to save….

We’ll present the photos to the Obama Administration and to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a powerful public petition to stop the destruction once and for all.

You can view photos and statements from supporters on the webpage above. As one supporter, Sister Marjolein, writes: “destroying mountains means destroying earth.” Another, Josh, writes: “Please don’t kill my mountains. Why would we want them to die?”

You can also add your own photo with a short message as to why you want MTR to stop.  I just added a photo and message, myself.

You can also help to stop MTR by signing the petition below via now.

Add your voice today.

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Photo Credit: Rainforest Action Network via flickr (CC license)

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