Mother Nature's Gift: Soap Nuts

I’ve struggle for a long time to find a laundry soap I’m really satisfied with. I was always looking for something that is not only good for your skin and fabrics, but also good for the environment.

I’ve finally discovered something perfect — soap nuts (picture of them above). After hearing and reading about them a lot, I decided to give them a shot. Soap nuts are the berries of the Sapindus Mukorossi (soap nut tree) that grow in the  region of the Himalayan Mountains of India and Nepal. Their pulp and outer shell contain natural saponin, which is also a 100% natural surfactant. This saponin is a healthy, safe, and free-of-synthetic-chemicals substance that is a great green alternative to commonly used commercial detergents and cleaners.

Soup nuts are a true gift from Mother Nature. The whole process of their “production” is sustainable and earth-friendly. The fruits are harvested between September and February, then dried in a natural way using just the sun. No additional chemicals or fossil fuels are used to produce them.

Soap nuts are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They are completely free of fragrance and synthetic chemicals, as well as foaming and bleaching agents. Therefore, they remain harmless to the water system and the environment in general.

Soap nuts can be used not only for washing clothes (you don’t need the additional softener — nuts make the clothes soft), but also for many other cleaning applications, such as: washing dishes in the dishwasher, washing your hair and taking baths, cleaning your pets, and cleaning various household accessories.

Hopefully, next time you are about to get some laundry soup or other cleaning supplies, you will choose these soap nuts, which are environmentally friendly, and actually work! You have nothing to lose!

Image Credit: soap nuts by Henna Sooq

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