More Activism News: Masked Anti-Nuclear Activists, Occupy in El Salvador, Sea Shepherd,..

Some top activism news from the past week or so:

1. Masked Activists in Germany Sop Transport of Nuclear Waste

As the title indicates, some activists in Germany are fed up with the creating and unsafe transport and storage of nuclear waste (well, no one even knows where to ‘permanently’ store the nuclear waste). So, the activists have decided to take the matter into their own hands by blocking transport of this nuclear waste and drawing more attention to the issue. The AP has pictures and a story on the matter. From the story:

German police say 20 policemen have been injured during clashes with protesters ahead of the arrival of a shipment ofnuclear waste in northern Germany.

Police say some 300 protesters threw stones and fireworks at security officers near the town of Dannenberg Saturday.

It followed a clash on Friday night when police used water cannons and batons to keep some 200 protesters in check. The officers were injured during the clash.

2. Occupy Wall Street Arrives in El Salvador

Here’s the intro to a great, lengthy piece on how the Occupy movement made it to El Salvador:

At the U.S. embassy here on Thursday (Nov. 24), Ambassador Carmen Aponte held a gala Thanksgiving dinner for a select group of local and North American guests. Outside the castle-like embassy compound, there were some uninvited visitors as well.

Nearly 100 Salvadorans and U.S citizens gathered to display our solidarity with the global Occupy/Indignados movement in the first Central American OWS-inspired protest. The demonstrators included university students, environmental activists, and “gringos” (like myself) who work with human rights and community development organizations based here in the capital.

3. Peru Activists Fighting Toxic Gold Mine

Gold mining makes some people rich, I’m sure, but not the peasants near the gold mines that are poisoned from the mining.

But in Peru, not only are local peasants fighting a gold mine, the president of the region is, as well! But that isn’t stopping the police from using questionable force to try to break up the opposition.

“Peruvian police fired tear gas on Friday to break up a protest at Newmont Mining Corp’s proposed 4.8 billion dollars Conga gold mine as the government tried to mediate a bitter environmental dispute over the project,” MercoPress writes. “Several protesters were injured.”

4. Croatan Earth First! Activists in North Carolina Are Trying to Stop the Sneaky Approval of Fracking in Their Region

“One group opposed to fracking – the method of extracting shale gas by hydraulic fracturing – plans to demonstrate at the Legislative Building at 7 p.m. against SB709,” News & Observer wrote yesterday. “The bill, which would speed up a fracking study and promote other energy exploration, could come up in the House for a veto override vote during this short session – or it might not come up at all.”

5. Pennsylvania Activists Helping to Prepare Their Neighbors for Any Emergency

As we’ve reported here on Planetsave numerous times, climate change is bringing more and more extreme weather and disasters. People are starting to see that. In Pennsylvania, some normal people who have lived through some such disasters think it’s time to help their neighbors prepare.

“In recent months, Mother Nature’s bizarre behavior has wreaked havoc on the area and caused much hardship for numerous families,” The Mercury writes. “Many residents now realize — after experiencing a drought, a hurricane, floods, an earthquake and an October snowstorm — that they need to be better prepared for emergencies.”

6. Sea Shepherd Readying for Potentially Landmark Year in Southern Ocean

Following up on my recent post on this, World News Australia has a good Sea Shepherd post which also mentions that the Japanese whaling fleet is getting $30 million from the Japanese government this year to assist it in its whaling goals (not clear yet what that will be used for). And it includes these nice videos of the Sea Shepherd activists and one of its boats:

7. Greenpeace Announces 2011 Film Competition Winner

In its efforts to get Volkswagen to stop lobbying for inaction on climate change, Greenpeace hosted a video competition to help them out. The winner has now been announced (video below, but you can also view the 12 finalists on the link above):

VW Dark Side – Pretending from Johannes Laidler on Vimeo.

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