Montana Floods Kill One, Leave One Missing — More Extreme Weather to Come

Early flooding in Wyoming. Expecting more.

Yes, it’s not rainy season anymore, it’s flooding season (unless you live in areas of the country experiencing “exceptional drought” — the highest level of drought — and wild fires). Montana is the latest to get extreme floods and they are now moving on towards neighboring states such as Wyoming and Utah.

Let me reiterate yet again, global warming (aka global weirding) = extreme floods AND extreme drought.

“Flooding that besieged rural Montana communities claimed at least one life and left another person missing as authorities in at least two more Western states braced for high water and heavy rain in the coming days,” AP reports. “Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer declared a statewide emergency Monday as broad areas of the state’s southeastern counties remained underwater. A number of rural communities in eastern Montana, including those on the Crow Reservation, were hardest hit, authorities said.”

Utah is now getting heavy rains and, of course, melting snow.

Wyoming is also expecting high water and flooding in coming days due to recent storms.

River rising in Wyoming.

Meanwhile, in Montana, at least one person is killed from the flooding and one missing. The lady killed was 84 years old and fell into a flooding ditch where she ended up drowning. The missing man was apparently “washed out from underneath a backhoe he was operating near a creek.” There is an ongoing search for him.

“We’ve got 21 jurisdictions — county, tribal and city — experiencing some type of flooding across the state,” Montana Disaster and Emergency Services Division chief Ed Tinsley said.

The water has destroyed infrastructure, covered major roads, and inundated town centers. More rain could be coming in the next week, adding to the flooding.

Global weirding?

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