Michael Vick Scores 73.5% on PETA's Animal Empathy Test

At first, when PETA offered Michael Vick a chance to star in a PSA against dog fighting, he jumped at the opportunity, probably hoping it would help clear his name.


But now, PETA is having second thoughts — saying they want him to take psychological tests and receive an MRI to show he’s physically capable of having compassion for animals — party because of Vick’s performance in a handwritten test on animal empathy. Of course, they’ve kindly released his answers to the public.

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Some are downright hilarious (“Chickens have an uncanny ability to think and are very agile. They are very athletic to me.”) while others actually make me feel bad for the guy (“Practice what you preech + don’t condone in hyp.”).

Based on the test alone, it’s unclear whether Vick actually is “reformed,” so I don’t blame PETA for holding off on the PSA deal. His answers sound much like a 6th grade student rephrasing sentences from a text book for a take-home essay. He’s just saying what they wanted to hear.

Vick already has a universal bad rap — dog fighting isn’t a controversial topic, it’s already been decided to be unethical by the vast majority of society. There’s really no reason for PETA to even try to help him as he’s the only one who would benefit from this situation.

What do you think? Should PETA even bother fighting this battle? Check out the rest of the test here (pdf).

56 thoughts on “Michael Vick Scores 73.5% on PETA's Animal Empathy Test”

  1. Is it not obvious that the results and answers were published just to further humiliate the man? While PETA decides that “the golden rule” is “right”, they obviously are unable to follow that rule themselves. Should they really be preaching about the rights of other species when they are unable to understand and empathize the rights of humanity? Yes, dog-fighting is a terrible thing to do, but the man paid for it enough. He was sent to prison and lost his career. Sure it seemed nice of PETA to offer Vicks a second chance, but if you look at how they publicly humiliate the man after they failed him, its highly likely that PETA had planned this the entire time. It would appease his fans and make them look like a kind or at least merciful organization at the same time. Then failing him would lead to the fans acceptance of Vick’s retirement and even publicly humiliate the man’s life even further.

  2. I hate peta…They are pickers and chosers which make their efforts to protect animals pointless…I will never support an organization that discriminates against certain backgrounds of people.The HSUS, ASPCA,and IFAW keep up the good work

  3. Thank God for PETA. If not for them, the HSUS, ASPCA, IFAW, etc. would have NONE of their current clout, and they all know it. Keep up the good fight, PETA.

  4. I hate peta…They are pickers and chosers which make their efforts to protect animals pointless…I will never support an organization that discriminates against certain backgrounds of people…I see people on T.V kill animals for sport everyday yet, I dont see anyone protesting these TV networks for animal rights..PETA is a waste of tax dollars, especially when they pick and chose certain animals they want to protect…Somebody needs to pull the plug on that operation…Seems like it is ran by a bunch of wackos…

  5. animalshavefeelings:::: Are you PETA people really that stupid??? Is that the best come-back argument that you can use, that bear hunting is legal??? I thought PETA was about moral aspects not whats legal.. I remember when it was legal to own slaves. Was that right?? I remember it was legal to stop women from voting. Was that right??? In some places its legal for a 40 year old man to marry a 8 year old girl. Is that right??? No!!!! I did’nt think so!!! And I also see a Buffoon stating that Vick is not human for what he did, one question is Jarred Allen human??? He does the samething to Bears. I think both are wrong, I dont pick and choose like PETA, who should pay. Oh what are you going to say, Bear hunting is legal, I think I just squashed that statement from ever coming out of someones mouth again. And Ernest, do you think the Multi-Billion Dollar NFL cares that you and 4 family members dont watch?? LOL!!! The NFL is bigger than you and your 4 family members, just incase you did’nt know that. Oh yeah about the felons in the NFL, we should add QuaterBack Ben Rothelisberger to that list, since he’s being accused of RAPE…Like I said, PETA picks and chooses who they go after, and I also did’nt know that PETA turned they’re cheek to animal abuse or animal killings that are under the law, legal. I always thought PETA was more about morals and whats right, then whats allowed under the law…Everyday I learn something new about PETA….What a joke, and a bunch of HYPOCRITES.

  6. animalshavefeelings

    Saints fan – Is it illegal to kill bears where he was killing them? If not, you’re the hypocrite.

  7. animalshavefeelings

    He should have the teeth beaten out of his head, just the way he did to so many dogs. Let him get a job driving a bus, that’s all this idiot is qualified for…IF that…judging from his grasp on the English language, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. No WAY he should be a pro football player, and the 20% of the NFL that are convicted criminals should not be playing either.

  8. I or my 4 member family will never support,watch or comment on a Philidelpia Eagle fotball game or any advertisments associated with the team. Michael Vic, is not human and deserves nothing.


    Ernest Scena & Family
    3431 Anguilla Way
    Naples, Florida 34119

  9. Gee, I wonder what PETA thinks about guys going into the forest with high powered rifles, hiding in bushes, and KILLING innocent Bears, Deer, and Mountain Lions. Gee, I wonder why PETA isnt going after those guys…. Hmmm let me think, they are’nt famous millionaires that could give PETA the spotlight and the same publicity as Michael Vick. Just think about it, do you know how many cases of some sort animal abuse go on everyday, from hunting, to food, to clothes, belts, shoes, old women with 40 malnourished cats in the house. I mean I can go on forever. Im just trying to figure out why they have dug in with the Michael Vick case….Like I said ,(Famous Millionaire). Why are’nt they going after Jarred Allen of the Vikings, he’s a Bear KILLER. He Kills Bears in the forest. He could see a Mother Bear walking with her 4 Baby Cubs. And shoot and KILL the Mother in front of her 4 Baby Cubs… And you know what he does next??? He stands over the bear and takes a picture with the dead animal…Now if thats not gruesome, I dont know what is. But Jarred Allen isnt as famous as Michael Vick, so I guess PETA will stick to where they can continue to get wide spread coverage…..SUCH HYPOCRITES!!!!

  10. THis guy is sickening. This is somebody who throughly enjoys and gets off on animal suffering. He has no compassion gene. He will NEVER change. He has absolutely no value to society. And FYI “Tim”, If your so compassionate about starving children, give to starving children in Oaklahoma and Kentucky. They would love to have your dollars.

  11. This “test” is irrelevant and rediculous. It is possible under the circumstances Mike is just trying to do what he can to get his life restarted. He should be given a chance to care for animals hands on with someone who has a clue and is willing to help him suceed. My daughter works with guide dogs for the blind. Awesome program. We are from Hampton Roads (Living in Nevada). I am a former college coach and scouted Mike in high school. My daughter practly owns a zoo at my house. Her second guide dog puppy was attacked by a pitbull. It sucked, But Michael is a person and we would love to show him the love of Christ. With patience he can be successfully redeemed. But, it took time to degererate into the type of person who could allow this type behavior and it will take time to heal. God bless you Michael don’t let the haters get you down. my email is [email protected] if you really want help don’t hesitate.

  12. “They are very athletic to me” lol. I’m really kinda surprised peta put the results of his test online. That doesn’t sound very in tune with their mission.

  13. Anyone who thinks Michael Vick is more insane then any single member of PETA is an idiot. PETA should be shut down. There is better ways to go about helping animals then the stupid crap they do. I could go on for hours and i dont condone dog fighting or cockfighting any of that stuff. Some of their crap is just outright mentally insane.

  14. I think that PETA needs to stop trying to make a name for its self. PETA acts like it is all abot animal safety and the truth is the are not. They were the first to say that the PIT BULLS that Vick had should have been put down.And now they are trying to make Michael Vick look bad. I myself am a PIT BULL lover I have one my self.And I would give my life for him. He is all I have. I dislike Vick for what he has done but he is doing his time. And PETA needs to leave him alone. The are not as loyal as they try to make people think they are.They are just as bad as him. They wanted to put those dogs down and look at them not. They are amazing animals. They like humans have changed. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE PEOPLE WHO FAUGHT TO KEEP THOSE DOGS ALIVE. YOU ARE THE PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE IN ANIMAL RIGHTS COMMERCIALS.

  15. I agree with Bryan… we can have compassion for both children and animals, for they are both blessings and beautiful. I also believe that Vick may change his ways and help others, he just has to open his mind and his HEART.

    I have also visited the poor and only adopt from animal shelters, so I totally understand what Bryan is saying.

    Animals are given to us for love and repsect. They too have feelings and a mind. Nature is a beautiful thing and without it we wouldn’t survive. Its all a circle/cycle of Love, Respect,and Care.
    There is no need to torture an innocent animal.

  16. “Pinky’s” rambling commentary posting of Jan. 26 is clear evidence that Pinky is smoking the ‘good good gosh darn immaculate splendiforous mary jane’ himself, and obviously did so in large quantities before he wrote this innocuous piece of shit. Clearly, he is trying to present himself as someone of knowledge and education by using run-on sentences and big, lofty words. All Pinky did was revealed himself as a stoned, rambling idiot who can’t sustain a coherent thought long enough to write it down before his ‘mary-jane’ riddled brain goes off on a tangent into the land of the incomprehensible. What a dumbass! He can’t spell, can’t punctuate, wouldn’t know an ellipsis if it bit him in the ass, much less how to use one. Yeah, way to go, Pinky. You really let the world know what a deep-thinking intellectual you are, you blithering IDIOT! Read Pinky’s crap for more than just a few sentences and you will want to go off and jam a pencil into your forehead. Keep smoking it, Pinky. You give me–as I have signed myself–“tiredhead.”

  17. Wow, and I was starting to actually respect Peta a little bit. Then they post this. Losers. The guy was convicted and did his time. Move on and allow him to do the same.

  18. Micheal Vick is Human, he made a mistake, and no i am not trying to justify his mistake’s, but he does deserve a chance, PETA BOARD or whoever is in charge if this orginization is no one too judge any man or women, i strongly disagree with them wanting to do an MRI or any phycological testing, look bottom line is that their is people every day killing near to extinct animals and they are not being prosicuted, Micheal is-he is serving his time in a prison and i am sure that he does not feel like going back in their when he can be living in a nice home over some over populated breed of animal, PETA get a life and get Mick Dick excuse me Vick out of your mouth!

  19. Essay questions are very subjective. The scorer had in mind the perfect response and obviously he did not give the right answer. I agree test scores should not be published. I also understand Ingrid Newkirk, founder of PETA, is a diabetic. Last time I looked insulin was made from calf pancreas with no synthetic product in existance. Wonder where she gets her insulin????

  20. Ghandi said it best…”The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” …and vice versa. If you have not seen that quote before, stop reading now and reflect on it before continuing on. Now, I too feel that people can change, but I have to question that this test has truly changed Michael Vick. He is not a stupid man, nor is he blind. He knew exactly what he was doing, and what kind of suffering was around him. In that, he was also aware it was illegal and he could potentially be caught. I know there was a moment of revelation when he realized what he was doing was wrong. It had to have crossed his mind. But he made a choice, and he proved to himself and to everybody else that the all-mighty dollar was far more superior to him than the life of an animal. He has failed himself, his family, his team, his community and his fans. Some say that human life is more important than that of a dog or any animal for that matter. On the flip side, there are those who value animal life over human. But I say, if you discredit any form of life of the respect it deserves than you yourself are planting a seed of heartlessness and destruction. This is not a cultural battle. This is not a religious battle. This wasn’t about survival, or need. This crime was about pleasure and profit. Plain and simple. He must reap what he has sown. But I do not think that he should be let off lightly. My desire is that he truly does reform, and will strive the rest of his days being a voice of compassion and hope. The damage is done, but Vick could really do alot of good if his heart and mind are truly in the right place.

  21. “I would rather save a child then a chicken”

    Sorry, I just HAD to throw in my two cents.

    Before I say anything, I would like to point out that I was raised on a farm. I am in college studying to be a veterinarian, and I love all animals. I am not a vegetarian, but I do prefer vegetables and pasta to meat.

    If I had the choice between the two, a human child and a chicken, I would choose the child. Humans and animals are not equal. Yes, animals have emotions, but not of the same magnitude as humans. Humans and animals may be similar, but in the end the loss of a human child causes much more suffering to a human family than the loss of a chicken would cause it’s ‘mother’ or father, siblings, ect.

    I agree that we a sophisticated enough to work on both issues, that of animal suffering and that of humans, at the same time. However, I believe that human suffering should be a priority in comparison to, for instance, cancer treatments for animals that won’t live much more than 10 years anyway. We can moan and complain about where money goes, but none of us make an effort… billions of dollars are spent on war, while millions of children die each year of hunger. I spent $100 on a designer purse instead of donating to the SPCA… if only we could all get together and prioritize…

    As far as vick, his culture taught him that dog fighting was an OK sport. I hope he has learned his lesson. Preventing him from playing seems to be too extreme. Many players have been guilty of equally savage crimes, paid their time, and returned to the field. The justice system is done with him, and we put the justice system in charge of administering his punishment, remember. He has paid his time, we should respect the laws we put in place.

  22. “I would rather save a child then a chicken”

    You’re an idiot, Tim. It’s not one or the other – as you and other narrow-minded individuals seem to think. We can show compassion and humility and care and help for both. It’s just convenient to say – I can only care for one or to rationalize that helping one means you have to sacrifice the other.

    I don’t believe Vick can be rehabilitated, the actions he’s done are horrible. I truly feel that he hasn’t learnt his lesson but rather knows that what he’s done is alienate himself from his fans. He’ll have to live with that for the rest of his life hopefully, and I do believe in second chances – so I think he should be given another chance under careful watch and should be made to serve real jail time and be forced to help out at animal shelters for abused animals so that he can see first hand the suffering creatures go through.

    If he repeats his actions, or abuses any animals even if it means fishing or hunting for sport – he should be incarcerated for the fullest terms possible.

  23. PETA is a joke. This is the organization that begs everyone to unchain their dogs in spite of city ordinances that require a dog that does not have benefit of a fenced in yard to be chained. Now, can you imagine hundreds of dogs just running rampant in the streets? Most of them would be hit by cars, shot, beaten, killed by other dogs, and so on, not to mention the thousands of puppies that would be born by those dogs that are not spayed or neutered. That really is a wonderful concept, isn’t it?
    I think that before anyone from PETA opens their mouth and says anything concerning cruelty to animals, they should think about the ramifications of their proposals before voicing them. PETA give all animals activists a bad name and I wish they would just disband and go away forever. Sorry, PETA, but it’s safer for my dogs to stay on their chains until their play yard is finished. Responsible pet owners walk their dogs and abide by the rules of the cities they live in.

  24. (what wrong with ) this so worried about dog fighting but you can put too men in a ring let them beat there brain out and sometimes die like in the ufc and boxing. don”t see (peta )saying nothing about those why because there to much money involved in these sports and the mob controls boxing. and they can’t stop that shit get real people mick vicks not the problem it’s greed and the love of money.step up (peta)do something about that!!yell right. wake up people you can beleave that shit if you want to.so i guess we put dogs befor people.were your backbone now show us were waiting.you can’t you know why because too much money in those sports it want do you no good so lets blame mike vick and the small people. love to here back from you can’t wait. i’ll be looking on the news for (PETA AGANST BOXING AND THE UFC)!!YELL RIGHT!!!!


  25. Vick will never be rehabilitated no matter how many books he reads or classes he takes. It should NEVER be forgotten what he did to those poor dogs for his own pleasure. And he shoud NEVER be allowed to play professional football again. Unless he is used as the football.

  26. Well, that explains everything. Vick is uneducated and immature. All he can regurgitate are some lines he learned in Sunday School. He isn’t the least bit sorry for what he did and he’ll do it again tomorrow if he can get away with it. Children will tell you anything you want to hear, as long as they don’t get into trouble.

  27. “And makes PETA no better then the animals it supposedly saves. Truly what I see here is that PETA are truly the animals here.. savage and self-destructive.”

    Not sure what you’re getting at here. Is your objective to criticize PETA or the animals? If you’re aiming for PETA, I hardly think it’s fair to do so at the expense of labeling animals as “savage” and “self-destructive,” when if anything, humans are more dangerous because of our boundless intelligence. Intelligence requires additional qualities such as shame and empathy in order to prevent us from becoming worse than these “savage” animals you speak of. =)

  28. Puhleese! The guy barely got a C grade after eight hours of having the answers probably spoon fed him. I’m sure he wants to get back in the game and I am sure he’ll tell everyone what they want to hear. Guess we’ve forgotten serial killers start out by tortureing animals, then move on to people. Seems to me that he has a tendency towards violent behavior just by the sport he played. Good quarter back or not, the guy is an a-hole and has to learn that actions have consequences. Sometimes lasting a lifetime. Empathy can be a learned behavior, but to me he has his whole life to prove to me he has attained it. If he was just some back woods redneck playing the “But we all pit our animals against each other. That’s part of our culture” card he wouldn’t be given near as much slack. Why is he sympathy worthy because he played football? This boy would be a looser even if he was a baker. I say let him learn a valuable skill like the drive-up window at Mc Donalds. That way he’ll have plenty of time to reflect on his actions in between taking orders for Happy Meals. Maybe in his next life he’ll come back a dog at his house.

  29. It sounds like he had to go through the same terrible conference about sensitivity to one thing or another that everyone has to go through at some point. They’re all crap. He probably did no better than I would’ve based on the random subtraction of points on stunningly stupid questions like “what does ‘faith without works is dead’ mean to you?” and from his examples I can tell you I’d be pissed that’s how I was having my time wasted, and I’ve never harmed an animal other than an insect. Seriously? I just don’t care about elephants displaying grief. Don’t care at all. He doesn’t need to be saved or pass some dumbass test. Just make sure he doesn’t hurt any more dogs or people, and other than that just let it go…
    And LOL an MRI? Please.

  30. This is exhibit A on why one should not interfere with white people and their love of dogs…they will RUIN YOUR LIFE!

  31. Former PETA Member


    I have donated time and money helping people that Tim stated. I can’t speak for Tim but I think your notion of Tim not being there is a disgrace. It’s his opinion and for you to feel free to force you ideals of PETA on time is a joke. It seems PETA only wants war not co-existence on the matter. After speaking with some PETA members and them seeing them thrown in jail for extremist activities. I just have no respect for PETA, when higher ranked members told me “We at PETA would be better off assassinating the CEO of KFC & Burger King. This would get our message to them.” For a group to advocate murder to achieve its objectives is cruel. And makes PETA no better then the animals it supposedly saves. Truly what I see here is that PETA are truly the animals here.. savage and self-destructive.

  32. Tim represents what’s wrong with people. It’s idiotic to think that a person must have concern for animals at the EXPENSE of humans.

    We’re people who presumably are sophisticated enough to realize that we can have both. We don’t need to subtract or substitute love for humanity for the sake of animals, you backwards, arrogant, ignorant dunce.

  33. For Vick to truly benefit from any kind of help that is offered him, he must be open to it. From what I know of this situation, it would seem that he only is open to repairing his image. I live in an area of the country (Northern Georgia, about 2 hours north of Atlanta) where the lives of animals are not held in high regard. I worked at a local animal hospital where we would have to battle the local mentality on a daily basis just so animals could get basic health care.
    I think being surrounded by any culture where dog fighting and animal cruelty is not only accepted but celebrated would be a tough thing to recover from. I think his handwritten answers also show the lack of education that exists within this culture, which is also part of the problem.
    With that said, what a wonderful example he would be if PETA actually got through to him, showing that it can be done and people can change for the better. Therefore I disagree with the statement that Vick would be the only one to benefit from PETA’s help.

  34. The dog fighting situation was obviously a HUGE problem that Michael Vick should never have been involved with. However like someone else already said, he paid his dues, did his time, pleaded guilty. He owned up to his mistake. What we should REALLY be worried about now is what the heck kind of education students are receiving at Virginia Tech. What was that sorry excuse for a sentence. Since when is a 20 some old man that apparently went through two years of COLLEGE EDUCATION without failing out substituting “u” for you, and using plus signs rather than an and. This is simply pathetic. I understand Vick was a superb athlete but is that really the best education they can offer him while he is attending their university? That is a disgrace to Virginia Tech and American education in general.

  35. he obviously attempted to absorb the information presented to him. looking at his answers, i feel sad for him. no amount of good works will take away from what he did, but we have to have compassion for someone that was doing something that is not unheard of in his neck of the woods. he has suffered enough and he needs forgiveness now.

    killing animals, however, is never acceptable to do for sport or fun.

    and i agree with a previous post, human life is much more valuable to us the animals lives.

  36. They took a point off because he suggested in one answer that the human qualities of animals (loyalty, friendship) is what makes them good pets.

    Took 13 off of his essay answers for who knows what reason, and he got 0/5 on one question because although he gave an answer, it didn’t answer the question. He probably did about as well as most people would have.

  37. I would venture to guess that 99% of the public agrees with PETA less then 73.5% of the time. It sounds like Vick is about average. The last time I checked 73.5% was a C, which means average.

    Regardless of your thoughts on animal cruelty, PETA by its very nature is an extremist organzition. It traffics in the brazen and shocking in order to raise awareness for its cause. There is nothing inherently wrong with that strategy, but it is important to understand that about them.

  38. I have donated money to starving children and have visited the saddest orphanage in Africa. I have also saved animals and will only adopt from shelters for my family. We should have compassion for both.

    We should also now have compassion and forgiveness for Michael Vick. I am also someone who has followed Michael Vick and believe him to be a man of true cultural and educational ignorance who made cruel mistakes more than a man of inherent maliciousness.

    I believe Michael Vick can change his heart and truly help the cause of helping kids and other ignorant people who may look up top him understand how to treat animals with respect, if the cause weren’t so alienating and polarizing.

  39. As much as he’s done, I don’t think its right for PETA to post his scores without his consent. I never heard of paper tests or courses having disclaimers….

  40. Who cares what PETA thinks. PETA heads are a bunch of psychotic idiots who care more about animal life than human life. While I do not ocndone cruelty to animals, I certainly do not condone cruelty to humans in the name of animals.

  41. Tim,

    I agree there is a lot of wasted money in this country, however, people can have influence over their destiny, animals, not so much.

    Population control is at the root of many of the ills of this world. If people wouldn’t reproduce so much, resources such as land, habitat, food, shelter, etc., wouldn’t be in such short supply. Oh, i bet there would be a lot less global pollution too…


  42. For the author to think that comment about the chicken is hilarious is pretty closed minded. It’s absolutely true and insightful in ways that some just shrug off.

    Sure Vick isn’t a rocket science and his writing isn’t Nobel Prize worthy. Everyone get off their high horse now.

    Fact is, depending on where you live and what culture you’re in, treatment of animals is different all across the board. How is dog fighting or cock fighting any different than sacrificing an animal for religious reasons or killing something to eat it?

    Vick’s done his time, let it go.

  43. Tim, I doubt you have donated either time or money to help these “starving” children you speak of. So you can take your holier than thou attitude and shove it.

  44. Millions of starving children in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, even right here at home in the United States. I would much rather save a child than a chicken. It actually sickens me to see the amount of money people are donating so a dog and some roosters have shelter, while children are sleeping out on the streets this cold winter. Disgrace.

  45. For this paradoxical quizzardry one would quite possibly have to take a puff of the good good gosh darn immaculate splendiforous mary jane first…here…ok…here…let me have some of that…here…let me attempt a rendering heretofore inexplicable unexplainable and albeit an attempt at wiseness…why should we even waste our fingers on the keypad of life and more gray matter in the arena of the deluded moments of various famed, be they from the gridiron or other legend or lore…I love animals all creatures great and small and have no desire to either fight them, hump them, or abuse them…I guess somewhere around the bowl, too many times, some have succumbed or slipped, ventured over that fractional crevace that falls into the center of the earth, a few too many have hung there also, by there last shreds of skin, or bony knuckle, only to fall unblinking with a shout & to there demise…I think we should begin a new age of enlightenment whereby all stupid things that happen in the world that do not inspire, nor further the advance of civilization, meaning: ideas, inventions, visions, ways to adapt the globe and civilization ie. “how to make the earth a sustainable planet forever, forever”… be banished to the bottom of the page…or some distant room marked “for bottom feeders”… where our minds have surely gone, ala the web, the media, and our blithering preoccupation with tiddlywink representational criticism/blogging as we border on a society that now can eviscerate anyone it chooses yet has forgotten how to build, let alone create, or cook a good meal…they all have my profound empathy, they should all go fetch frisbees now in the wake of my all terrain air and solar powered hovercraft that will soon if it has not already rolled over there caustic one dimensional asses, I love football and he is or was a great Qb…I think he will return if the gods have mercy…and probably open up a can of whoopass yet unseen in our time in the game of football,…if I was his agent …well you can only imagine…I would probably chew on a few skulls for breakfast…starting with the pimpled butted dumbasses who allow someone with that kind of talent and ability to end up running with the likes of such brutality…for perhaps therein is the question how does this happen to talented individuals…its not all conspiracy… or drugs…perhaps we should begin again with our minds…now what is it?…what is it this week?…what is the gossip of the day…the tabloidism of this afternoon?…Oh yea were all still rolling in the shine and glory of the new day…thank God for that…and I mean that…I love the new Pres…but what about when that wears off…give it time…soon we will awaken…hopefully…and I mean that…if not… the future vision might be bleak…we might slide back into the delusions of numbness and mediocrity, where we awake to the last metal robotic rooster, who will screech some chalk board scratch, Cockadoodledoo you dumbasses! That spine tingling squawk sends us into a jump into some lited tube, where half of our flesh is peeled away by fine sharp instruments of torture, needles dug into our private parts, every morning like a ritual, only then to devour some reptillian amoeba slug, that we wash down with something acidic… just so we can… “feel something”…our brains having long since succumbed to a numbness…a comatose zombieism, from the media jocks of spin…that ring our bells as often as they want, the unwitting participants only to have to hold a plastic phone up to there heads to take a call, “do you like getting shocked dumbass!?”… only in a newer purer way, much like now as we sit hunched over our glowing screens our fingers splayed out like weasels seeking something…as they radiate our bodies and we add to global warming, looking, searching, never to find it…whatever it is…in this technological campfire…they got me years ago, as you can tell…I’m glad you brought it up though…theres alot of things… a whole lot of things that never should have happened,to us, to all of us…for you see young skywalker…it happens…when it happens to us all… whether your a Falcons fan or not, or even like the number 7…may we all pull our heads out of asses in 2009. Peace pinky

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