Sea Otters, Oriental Small-Clawed Otters, and More! (10 Friday Photos)

Asian Smal-clawed Otter Photo 1

11 Photos of Asian Small-clawed, Sea or Marine Otters

Her’s an extra special 10 Friday Photos post! We’ve got one extra photo and the photos are a little mixed… You will find sea otters, marine otters and oriental small-clawed otters! Can you tell the difference between them? Enjoy viewing photos of these 3 super cute species!

Asian Small-Clawed Otter Eating Salmon

Otter Photo 2
Photo Credit: Ian Mc1 via Flickr

Staring Otters

Otter Photo 3
Photo Credit: kelpie1 via Flickr

Sea Otter Swimming in Morro Bay, California

Otter Photo 4
Photo Credit: Mike Baird via Flickr

Small-Clawed Otter in Cannon Hill Park

Otter Photo 5
Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett via Flickr

Otter in Blijdorp, Rotterdam

Otter Photo 6
Photo Credit: SuperJo via Flickr

Wet Small-Clawed Otter

Otter Photo 7
Photo Credit: Foto Martien via Flickr

Otter Motherhood

Otter Photo 8
Photo Credit: Debbie via Flickr

Definitely Bored Otter, Marwell Zoo

Otter Photo 9
Photo Credit: Ben Marshall via Flickr

Still Cute — Even with that Expression

Otter Photo 10
Photo Credit: davidcutts1 via Flickr

Dinner — Otter Munching a Crab

Otter Photo 11
Photo Credit: Gary via Flickr

Did you know that otters are very sympathetic and they care for their furs for hours? And have you ever thought about using seaweed as a blanket? Otters do!

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Top Photo Credit: Ferdi via Flickr

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