Mannequins for Climate Justice Close Boston Bank of America Branch

Boston police treated a mannequin chained to the front door of a Bank of America branch as a potential bomb threat, shutting down the bank while they investigated.


The mannequin wore a shirt with the message “THE REAL DUMMIES EVICT PEOPLE & FUND CLIMATE CHAOS.” Police were astute enough to realize that the mannequin posed no threat, and eventually a group called Mannequins for Climate Justice claimed the action.

No real people have claimed the action, just this new unheard-of brigade of dummies. Apparently they decided to get an early start on tomorrow’s Fossil Fool’s Day. The mannequin, apparently named Guy Fox, issued this statement:

“Even a dummy like me can see that Bank of America’s massive loans to coal companies and support for the epidemic of foreclosures and evictions has to stop now,” he said. “Bank of America seems determined to be so evil it’s almost comical, but people resisting the bank’s practices will have the last laugh. Happy April Fools to all the capitalist fossil fools!”

Fox is in police custody after being unchained from the doors. Police say they are continuing to investigate the action.

Why target Bank of America? Read more: Close Your Bank of America Account to Fight Injustice

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