Malaysian State Mulls Shark Finning Ban After Boycott Threat

Sabah, a large Malaysian state, is considering banning the practice of shark finning after scuba divers threatened to boycott the country.


The Semporna Tourism Action Council proposed the ban because they believe sharks are largely responsible for the area’s booming touring industry. The council includes members of the Sabah Fisheries Department, Sabah Tourism Board, and even a representative of the World Wildlife Fund.

“Why should we contribute to the decline of a beautiful area by supporting a place, which does not protect its own resources,” one diver said.

Shark finning is not currently illegal in the state, with the exception of the one protected species, the whale shark. While a ban is on the table, the council said that if they find that shark finning can be done “sustainably” that no action would be taken.

To learn more about the abhorrent practice of shark finning, check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s video and website on the issue.

Via: Malaysia Daily Express
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6 thoughts on “Malaysian State Mulls Shark Finning Ban After Boycott Threat”

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  2. Syam x,

    The title is correct. Pay attention to the “…that IF the shark population can be restored…” in that sentence you pulled.

    They have not made a decision. They are mulling a ban along with other options, which is what I said in my post.


  3. They were considering but they decided NOT to ban. Read the rest of the article.

    “However, the council felt that if the shark population can be restored through the implementation of the NPOA and that shark fishing can be proven to be sustainable then there would be no need for a ban on the activity.”

    The title of the article is wrong!

  4. i don’t understand the practice. do people cut the fins so that the shark will eventually die and provide food for other fish?

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