LUSH Spoofs Canada's Enbridge Pipeline Propaganda Video (VIDEO)


Below is a good video from the folks at LUSH that I recently received on email about the wonders the Enbridge pipeline (think: ‘Keystone XL but only in Canada’) will bring to Canada. Included in the email was this text:

“We’re sure you are aware of the Keystone XL debate in the US, but are you aware of the Enbridge pipeline project in Canada?  Enbridge is spending $5 million dollars on an ad campaign to build public support of their $5.5 billion pipeline and taker proposal that will cut through Canada (Alberta and British Columbia).  Enbridge glosses over the threat this poses for countless animals, ecosystems and communities in [this video of theirs].”

Here is LUSH’s response to the Enbridge video linked above:

At LUSH, we believe that a multi-billion dollar project proposed by an unsuitable industry – one that could threaten land, water and jobs – is one that Canadians and Americans should have a right to vote on!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for additional information on LUSH’s campaigns to stop further expansion of Canada’s Tar Sands (our campaign takes a stand against TWO pipelines: Keystone XL in the US and Enbridge Northern Gateway Project in Canada).

Great video and great response. Get involved by clicking the links above and signing the relevant petitions, and by sharing this post!!

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