London's Boris Bikes Bike-Sharing Program Gets Bigger

Biking is the greenest way to go, seriously. So, the fast growth of bicycle sharing programs across the country is something that excites me. Plus, bicycling is just so damn fun and exciting anyway — who isn’t into it?

The Good News Today: London’s rather large bicycle sharing program, popularly called Boris Bikes, just got bigger.

london bike sharing program growing
Area of most of the new Barclays Cycle Hire stations (circled in red)

“2300 new bikes in 200 new stations mostly on the east side of the city. These new stations had been scheduled for 2012 since the launch of the system in July 2010, but it was impressive that new bikes were put out and the stations turned on over night,” the Bike-sharing Blog notes.

The new bikes were actually added at the end of last week.

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