Link Center for Consumer Freedom to Terrorism, Win an Apron!

In response to an advertisement from the Center for Consumer Freedom claiming that the Humane Society funds terrorists, is offering a prize to the person who can link the the Center to terrorist activity in the fewest steps.

The full page ad, which ran today in the New York Times, uses a jumbled “six degrees” type flow chart to prove that the very mainstream Humane Society has ties to terrorists. In summary, they claim that a vice president of the Humane Society is speaking at a fundraiser for the Humane League of Philadelphia, whose director was convicted of “making terrorist threats” in 2006.


Despite some factual errors (CCF’s claim that director Nick Cooney made terrorist threats to children is not backed anywhere, and, as of 2007, Hugs for Puppies is a sister organization to the Humane League, not a new incarnation of the organization itself), this evidence could potentially be damning for the Humane Society- especially if Cooney had made any attempt to go through with his alleged terrorist threats (which he never did).

But considering that this is not at all the first time CCF has compared one of their targets to terrorists (they brag about calling PETA terrorists regularly, for instance), GreenIsTheNewRed decided to ask its readers, “Who does CCF align itself with?” The blog is offering a small prize to the reader who can comment with the most direct way that CCF is aligned with terrorists.

It took the Center for Consumer Freedom six steps to demonstrate the Humane Society’s supposed terrorist connections, yet several readers (including myself) were able to link the Center to paramilitary terrorists in two: Coca Cola funds South American death squads to kill union leaders, and it also funds CCF.

And in a case of irony that’s almost too good to be true, in four steps a reader tied The Center for Consumer Freedom back to the Humane Society itself. Check out the rest of the comments and come up with your own.

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