Lights-Out Across France as Anti-Neon Brigade Grows

A growing group of environmental activists are taking advantage of emergency power shut-off switches found on the exteriors of businesses throughout France; toting broomsticks, they wander the streets at night to find businesses with neon lights still blazing in the window despite being closed, and simply reach or climb up to switch the power off.[social_buttons]

They call themselves Le Clan du Néon and believe they are doing the planet a favor. Thousands of shops across Europe leave their lights on overnight, just as they do in America, unnecessarily eating up tens of gigawatt hours of power every year.

“If all the neon signs in the world were turned off, the impact on global warming would be very significant,” said one member of the group. “There ought to be a law against it, but since there isn’t, we have to go around doing it ourselves.”

In France, about 80 percent of electricity is generated by nuclear plants, so the night-time neon lights increase nuclear waste more than CO2 emissions.

After starting as a student-group in Paris, others have popped up in Normandy, Bordeaux, the Alps and Dordogne. The group also encourages people in other countries to develop similar renegade tactics to fight global warming.

“The signs are a waste of electricity and a visual pollution,” said Michael, another activist. “It’s crazy that when we all need to save energy, these neon signs are left on for 24 hours day.”


Photo Credit: Michael Hilton on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

5 thoughts on “Lights-Out Across France as Anti-Neon Brigade Grows”

  1. Man, I wish I’d known about those external shut-off switches growing up! I had a car dealership set up opposite our house with a ridiculously bright red neon sign that they left on all night, that kept my entire bedroom lit up with a bright red glow and made it very hard to sleep.

    When they thankfully went bust, their damn burgular alarm went off every night, all night for two months (one of those excellent ones that changes the sound it makes every few minutes so you can’t ignore it)!

  2. @Richard – if there is surplus power, France can pass the electricity on to it’s neighbors who do use polluting power plants.

  3. Anti-industrial criminals is what they are. France’s nuclear power plants don’t emit any greenhouse gases. Unlike “green” Germany’s coal power plants, or “green” Denmark with its coal power plants. But hey, what does physical reality have to do with the beliefs of fucking idiots?

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