Let's Occupy Together

Movements have broken out all across the US (and even across the world) with their subjects ranging from war to corporate greed.  Kicking off the start of protests was (in my opinion) the Tar Sands action in DC, where 1,252 people got arrested. Then it was Occupy Wall Street. Now it’s Occupy EVERYWHERE.

When the Wall Street protests began, it wasn’t clear exactly who was standing up to corporate greed, most people just assumed homeless people and hippies. But it’s not so. Unhappy youth who are unemployed, a concerned father of two, retirees, this is EVERYBODY’S place to speak up, and, finally, we are.

These protests across the globe have no real specific subject, it’s more just for common sense — stop wasting money on wars and killing innocent civilians, stop enabling corporate greed, use the renewable energy resources we have right now and get away from oil, give all people equal rights, stop torturing people in interrogations,… the list goes on.

If there are any DC people out there, there is a Stop the Machine protest in freedom plaza on the 6th and several other actions in DC throughout the month, check out their website for more info. Also in DC is the Hands around the White House event on November 6th and the demonstration on October 7th outside of the courthouse while the State Department is holding a series of hearings on its flimsy report on Keystone XL (please visit Tar Sands Action Site for more info).

occupy everywhere
Downloadable Poster from Occupy Together's website

For all my other people; check out Occupy Together and see if there’s a local event near you! I highly encourage everyone who can possibly be involved to do so. Not only is it a great experience but the people it enables you to meet are the type you could meet no other place. These people are the ones who are willing to step up and step out. They are our future. Don’t miss out!

Image Credit goes to Raina Dayne


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