Let's Ask the New York Times to Run this NRDC Ad to Save Alaska's Wildlife Eden. Help Spread Awareness with Us!

Native Alaskans need our help for Earth Day. Help save Bristol Bay in Alaska and it’s wildlife.


Natural Resources Defense Council is trying to create visibility around the issue of saving Alaska’s Wildlife Eden from becoming a landfill. Few Americans are aware of the UK’s bargain to dump toxic waste in Bristol Bay, what in the world is media coming to?

We are donating as an Earth Day contribution to our planet! Continue reading below to see some of the key excerpts highlighted in the intense letter I received from NRDC requesting my assistance this week.

Dear Lucille,

It’s a disaster in the making. And we need your help right now to alert millions of Americans. The British mining giant, Anglo American, wants to dig a vast open-pit mine and put 9 billion tons of waste smack in the middle of Alaska’s Bristol Bay paradise: home to the world’s largest sockeye salmon runs, an array of magnificent wildlife and Native communities that have thrived here for thousands of years.

NRDC has produced a powerful ad that will stand in support of those local communities by sparking nationwide attention and opposition to the Pebble Mine. But we must swiftly raise $100,000 to place it in the national edition of the New York Times next week!

You can make it happen. If just 4,000 supporters like you donate $25 each, we can make sure our ad sounds the alarm and puts tens of thousands more signatures on our Petition of Protest in the critical days leading up to Earth Day.

Most Americans have no idea that Anglo American and its Canadian partner, Northern Dynasty Minerals, are scheming to dig this 2,000-foot-deep, two-mile-long gold and copper mine just above Alaska’s fabled Bristol Bay — destroying vast expanses of pristine salmon habitat…

… Or that Pebble Mine is sited in a known earthquake zone where its colossal earthen dams — some larger than China’s Three Gorges Dam — could release vast quantities of contaminants in the event of a quake.

… Or that Anglo American’s reported record is littered with environmental contamination from Zimbabwe to Ireland … from South Africa to Nevada.

But with your help, millions of Americans will know within a matter of days.

“On Earth Day — April 22 — Americans will speak with one voice when NRDC and Native Alaskans deliver our Petition of Protest, with more than 100,000 signatures, to the British mining giant at its annual Shareholders Meeting in London.” ~ Frances Beinecke, President of the Natural Resources Defense Council

Give what you can to save Alaska’s Bristol Bay from the nightmare of Pebble Mine.

NRDC strongly believes that with active support we can still force Anglo American to stop this Pebble Mine scheme, however Anglo American is a $50 billion company — and they are bargaining to pay for this dirty mine, and while we can’t outspend them, we may be able to unite with local opponents in their courageous stand to stop this horrible waste dump and help spread the word nationally to stop it.

“Please do your part to run this urgently needed ad and help defend our environment in the most effective way possible. Together, we can protect the pristine paradise of Bristol Bay and prevent this disaster-in-the-making.”

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6 thoughts on “Let's Ask the New York Times to Run this NRDC Ad to Save Alaska's Wildlife Eden. Help Spread Awareness with Us!”

  1. After reading the full page ad in Monday’s New York Times I was fired up to sign your petition,as requested in the ad. I went to this site and am unable to find any link to a petition. I’m sure I’m not the only web left baffled and frustrated!!!

    James Stiles
    Scottsdale, AZ

  2. hi my name is devyn. Im looking for ways to help save our planet. God gave it to us and we should take care of it. You see its more than just our a planet or our home its a gift from God. so if you have any ideas on helping save our planet please share because id love to help. Remember the earth is in our hands.

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