Leopard Destroys Camera Trap In Bili Forest (Video)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be eaten by a leopard? Wondered if it might just be a lot like getting attacked by a giant domestic cat?

Well, if you have (and I’m not saying necessarily that you have…) then the video below would seem to confirm your suspicions — being eaten by a leopard would probably be a lot like getting eaten by a giant domestic cat.

Lol. It’s just that look in its eyes as its biting the camera trap. πŸ™‚ I know for a fact that I’ve seen that before while playing with normal everyday domestic cats.

But then cats are killers aren’t they? I remember one time a cat that I was acquainted with bringing a huge 4-5 lbs (?) mole home. With that look of humoured self-satisfaction that many cats so often seem to have on their faces.

Anyways.. Back to the story at hand. This video is coming to us via a camera trap set up in the remote Bili Forest of the northern portion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. While the Bili Forest is currently still one of the most remote and “untouched” forests in the world, that has begun to change in recent years.

Poachers and bushmeat hunters have been operating in the region more and more, reportedly, with the spread of illegal gold-mining into the region. While I’m not going to overstate the matter, the future isn’t looking too bright for many of the animals living in that forest now.

Those looking for more information can find it at the Lukuru Foundation’s website.

I’d also recommend checking out some of our previous coverage of the Bili Forest’s inhabitants: Forest Elephants (Loxodonta Cyclotis) Caught On Camera Trap In Remote Bili Forest.

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