Lemurs (10 Friday Photos + 1 extra)

Lemur photo 1

11 photos of lemurs for “10 Friday Photos” this week!

Do you remember King Julien from “Madagascar”? Wasn’t he cute? Well, today we’ve got 11 photos with lemurs like him. Maybe they’re not kings, but they absolutely rule!

Lemur with Powerful Eyes

Lemur photo 2
Photo Credit: S@ilor via Flickr

Lemur Sitting and Chilling Out

Lemur photo 3
Photo Credit: Bryn Davies via Flickr

Lemurs at a Family Dinner

Lemur Photo 4
Photo Credit: A guy called John via Flickr

“I’m not cute, I’m scary” – still cute

Lemur Photo 5
Photo Credit: Bluem00ner via Flickr

“Come closer” said Lemur King

Lemur Photo 6
Photo Credit: David Hall via Flickr

Lemur Bored of Everything

Lemur Photo 7
Photo Credit: Sexecutioner via Flickr

Lemur Model

Lemur Photo 8
Photo Credit: Matthijs Rouw via Flickr

Lemur Family Relaxing after Lunch

Lemur Photo 9
Photo Credit: ucumari via Flickr

I’ve got something interesting

Lemur Photo 10
Photo Credit: Bryn Davies via Flickr

He’s got something interesting!

Lemur Photo 11
Photo Credit: Bryn Davies via Flickr

Well, did you like them? I hope so! You can choose your favourite or share another one, maybe? (And don’t forget about King Julien. You know, he’s the one.)

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Top Photo Credit: eivisso via Flickr

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