Leave Your Bank Today! Help Stop Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

mountaintop removal coal mining action

Today is “Bank Transfer Day.” There are a lot of reasons to join the 650,000 people who switched from a big corporate bank to a credit union last month, and one of them we’ve written about for years is to help stop mountaintop removal coal mining. While some banks have cut some of their involvement in mountaintop removal coal mining, it wasn’t until there was a huge citizen push for them to do so (and some are still helping to fund it). Do you want your money in a bank like that?

Joining the growing number of people who are saving their money in a more responsible (and more financially sensible) way today. And if you do so, go ahead and add your info at MoveOn.org’s Move Your Money page so that we can send a clear message to big banks and Wall Street that we’re fed up with their unhelpful practices.

Mountaintop Removal Fail via iLoveMountains.org on flickr

3 thoughts on “Leave Your Bank Today! Help Stop Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining”

  1. As a lifelong resident of the WVa southern coalfields, I have seen what mountain top removal does for our communities. Mountain top removal destroys communities, poisons our water and our people. It also destroys any hope for a sustainable future for our children. Mountain top removal also kills jobs, it requires only a few men to run the massive machinery that has replaced the miner. When mining leaves our area in the near future, what then do we do with our homeland being destroyed for the want of a dollar?
    PNC, Citi, and UBS are the top financiers contributing to this environmental injustice. For the top ten banks that continue funding the mining industry in this destruction, over 2.5 billion (with a B) have been loaned since 2010. So yes, it is related to Bank Transfer Day.

  2. Ok…comming from a west virginian…you stop mountaintop removal, and thousands more loose their jobs? And where did you get your sources about banks funding it, its all private investors, and there are laws concerning the condition which you leave the land after a removal…..bank transfer day is great, but had nothing to do with mountain top removal…wow…ignorance must truely be bliss

    1. we’ve got West Virginia contributors who contribute because they were in the coal mining business and were disgusted by it.

      WV has great geothermal resources, wind resources, and has a ton of solar potential as well. the jobs could be in clean energy rather than dirty energy.

      Yes, this related to Bank Transfer Day, for some

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