Learning to Love the Life in Front of You (VIDEO)

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This is a super cool story and an beautiful video (love the filming and the song) that someone from Vimeo recently shared with me. You have to check it out.

First, the story:


My daughter created a tiny nature reserve in our garden to save the wildlife in the grass from the lawn mower.

We stopped to talk about it, and then spent the afternoon looking for wildlife in the grass.

What she found really amazed me: so many little creatures in a tiny patch of grass.

Wildlife often seems remote and disconnected from our day-to-day lives, and our impact on the environment as individuals seems minimal.

But my daughter’s idea – that an individual can save a tiny patch of the earth suddenly changed the way I think, and inspired me to do something.

So as well as changing a few things in my life, and giving money to charity, I’m sending out this thought in the hope that others may be inspired to appreciate the diversity of life on earth (even the slugs and snails) and take positive action to protect it.

I hope this inspires you too.

As environmentalist David Orr wrote: “When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.”

Maybe together we can save an entire forest…from just a tiny patch of grass?

Beautiful, eh?

And now the video:

Equally beautiful, eh?

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