Latest News Weekend Roundup: 3 Bike Stories

latest bike news

Bikes! Here are a few good recent news stories on this two-wheeled masterpiece.

The Independent reported on a great bike boom that is happening in the UK right now. “Cost-saving, climate change concerns, and a desire to emulate Britain’s elite cyclists are all prompting an increasing number of people to abandon the car and take to two wheels…. Britain is on the brink of a freewheeling revolution.” Last year, the # of miles cycled went up 10% and the average distance rode went up 17% in the UK. In the last 3 years, bicycle sales went up 25%. Great job, Brits!

Meanwhile, back in the US, two cities in Missouri and Colorado are battling bike bans! Not cool the (the bans, that is).

And, if you haven’t heard about this bike story, you’re either going to laugh or cry when you read this. Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes thinks Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper pushes policies, especially policies to boost bike riding, that are “converting Denver into a United Nations community.” Wow! Someone doesn’t like bikes.

Photo Credit: Amsterdamize via flickr

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