Last-Minute Halloween Costumes (7 Fun Ones)

Halloween is just around the corner (seriously, it surprised the heck out of me). And a lot of folks are probably going to be celebrating this weekend with Halloween parties across the world. But do you have something to wear yet? No worries, if you don’t, here are some last-minute Halloween costumes for you.

tea party halloween costume

1. Ghost: OK, I’m going to start with the obvious. Be a bloody ghost. (Well, not bloody as in covered in blood — but feel free if that’s your taste. Was just using some British English.) Of course, this is a green living and green politics/activism website, so I’d recommend using an old sheet you don’t use any more (you know you’ve got some). You might also check out a local thrift store and see if they’ve got any.

2. Opposite Sex: Well, this is always a fun one. Unleash your feminine (if you’re a man) or masculine (woman) side for one night. I’m sure you’ve got a partner or sibling or friend you could borrow or trade clothes with. That’s always a fun Halloween costume (imho).

3. High-school Jock or Cheerleader: You still have a high-school sports or cheerleading uniform (or something from even before that)? Bust it out. Put it on. Strut your stuff!

4. The Naked Truth: If it’s warm enough where you live, and you’re willing to show a little skin, you could strip down a bit and write “The Naked truth” on yourself. Not many things are scarier than that.

5. Tea Partier: Have a tea set? Have some clothes that look adequate for a “tea party”? I think you got the idea. You could embellish the outfit or props as much as you want with crazy Tea Party slogans that scare the hell out of anyone with common sense.

6. Republican: Or just go straight to the matter. Find some Republican propaganda from your crazy uncle’s house and go around trying to sell people on bulls***. (Colbert style, of course,.. or in some way that makes it clear you aren’t actually a Republican.)

7. Global Warming Graphs: Get a white t-shirt and do your best to draw a couple global warming graphs on it. Maybe some white pants, too. The classic hockey stick graph (just reinforced yet again by a recent independent study) or Arctic death spiral graph are great ones. (Alternate: you could do the same with a 1% — or 99% — graph, like the ones on Occupy George — you could hand out such dollar bills, as well.)

Got more eco-friendly, last-minute Halloween costume ideas? Drop us a note!

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