Kids Drinking From Environmentally Safe Petrol Pumps?


Environmentally Friendly Biofuel?

A Swedish bus company is marketing it’s use of environmentally friendly biofuels by depicting humans drinking from petrol pumps.

Needless to say the Swedish Poison Information Center is up in arms over the Flygbussarna Airport Coach company’s advertisements.

The company operates shuttle busses to seven airports throughout Sweden, and has increased it use of rapeseed bio-diesel in its fleet. The company plans to use only biofuels within three years, and is using the campaign of posters and ads on its website insinuating the fuel is safe enough to drink.

Swedish officials say the fear is that children who see the ad may just want to try it out, stick a fuel nozzle into their mouths and have a sip. The results, according to the Poison Information Center, could be catastrophic.

The bus company, meanwhile, is quoted as saying, “children see a lot of violence on TV they never go and shot people afterwards.”

Good advertising strategy, or a dangerous one? What do you think?

Source of Image and content. The Local

4 thoughts on “Kids Drinking From Environmentally Safe Petrol Pumps?”

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  2. Kim Cornelissen

    I think the idea is perverse and that choice understates a growing ethical problem where feeding cars and people are seen as the same (specially children). This ad is one of many where advertisers assimilate the two; there is an E85 ethanol ad in the US about kids and cars being vegeterian.
    And saying that there are no relationships between adverstising and people behavior is being totally ignorant of the way adverstising works (sorry for that). It might be less obvious in Sweden but there is a relationship between violent movies and the rates of crimes in US…

  3. I think it’s reckless. And the comparison is not valid. Making something look benign and harmless when it isn’t is not the same as showing gun violence, something clearly harmful. The question remains, is it truly safe? Then perhaps there’s nothing to get in a hubbub about.

    In any case, this certainly is doing a good job getting attention, after all, you wrote about it and we’re talking about it!

  4. “children see a lot of violence on TV they never go and shot people afterwards.” … Yeah true…
    But Mum is not pulling that gun out once a week to fill up the car either.
    While Mum is paying for the fuel, what harm is there in jumping out of the car and having a swig? Petrol can’t kill?! apparently you can drink it!

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