Kevin Costner Joins Forces to Save the Gulf Coast with his Ocean Therapy Oil Spill Clean Up Invention

Joining the troops in the Gulf Coast, Hollywood star Kevin Costner has invested many millions of dollars inventing the right device that cleans oil from seawater.


Costner’s Oil Spill Separation Machines have been in the making for over 15 years for exactly this kind of ocean disaster like the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989. Luckily BP has now approved and has set out to test out Kevin’s inventions, highlighting his “high-speed centrifuge machine called Ocean Therapy.” This new technology has been “prepared to go out and solve problems, not talk about them,” the actor said of this ocean remediation invention.

Working like a massive vacuum cleaner, “Ocean Therapy” sets off atop a barge then it separates out the oil and spits back clean water to clean the polluted waters. Here is a clip of Kevin Costner talking about the project. This is exactly the kind of solution we need to be thinking about. Kevin Costner bought the technology from the military years ago to develop it further and faster. This is something that BP and the military can invest in together with Costner to reverse the ocean damage of this massive spill.

In addition to capturing the oil, hopefully this “Ocean Therapy” idea will also help spur immediate innovations in underwater robots that will close the leaking undersea oil pipe which continues to leak as shown in the video below:


In the meantime, aside from the digging of a new oil well, BP needs to be investing in ways to patch up the explosion site as well as stop profiting from offshore drilling and moving off of foreign oil completely. Investing in the reversal of this sea damage is important now, yes, yet it is more important in the long term to help end their offshore drilling practices all together, and in the short term invest in robots that can quickly repair deep sea oil pipe explosions. For example, is there a way to sink one of these “Ocean Therapy” filters to the site so that it is spewing fresh water instead of oil?

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11 thoughts on “Kevin Costner Joins Forces to Save the Gulf Coast with his Ocean Therapy Oil Spill Clean Up Invention”

  1. I dising and igive idea to bp how made pipe stop oil spill I call bp in 29june 2010 and I give all informecion how made of pipe I save world and ocean oil spill in 2010 thank cientifico Jose f blanco

  2. There are better technologies out their then the Costner separation machine. Genoil can separate water, sand, oil and to purities which no other tech affordably do.

    1. OK… we pause our regularly scheduled skeptic trash talk to bring you this short "ENGLISH TIPS!" segment.

      There – a place in space; as in "you are really OUT THERE Brian!"
      Their – showing possession "it belongs to them "
      They're – contraction for "they are"

      next month we will cover the many single syllable variations of "to, too, two"

  3. I, for one, as a Florida resident and resident of this planet, am grateful to Mr. Costner for his insight and for caring enough to invest his hard earned money into something that benefits all of us. Thank you. You may possibly be the hero we have all been waiting for in real life as well as in the movies!

  4. It would be nice if Mr. Costner could help the planet in another way. Have a vasectomy. Overpopulation. Adopt a hundred kids. Enough said

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